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How to Personalize HTC Desire S Home Screen

HTC Desire HD Logo Your HTC Desire S is a great phone of worth. Provided with HTC Sensation user interface along with Android operating system and a powerful processor is all that you want.

Your HTC Desire S phone is available with 7 adjustable home screen so as to provide easy access to widely used information and applications. Those 7 home screen would be much enough to add your important apps to work with. Here in this article we would show you on how to personalize your HTC Desire S phone using the common home screen personalization.

Personalizing HTC Desire S Home Screen

Here is how you would personalize your home screen panels with lot more things than just adding the app shortcut –

  • Tap and hold the screen and then you will automatically get the list of HTC Personalize option. The personalize option includes setting skin, adding apps, adding shortcuts, adding folder and lot more. Your important accessed folders too can be placed on the desktop shortcut icon can be easily accessible.HTC Desire Widget
  • Now let me say I would like to add a widget, so I would tap on ‘Widget’. There are lot many apps available which can be accessed from the front with just clicks out of them which are Bookmarks, Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Facebook and FM Radio. For the people like me I use much of mail and I went and placed the Gmail widget straight on to desktop to make it easily accessible with just one clicks.HTC Desire Mail
  • Now most the widgets offer different styles and layout.
  • Tap on ‘Select’ and then select the account which you want to show and that add as small icon on the desktop. Quit easy, am I right?HTC Desire Select

That was the procedure to personalize your home screen and here we get on how arrange the home screen –

Arranging Icons: It also easy to re arrange your icon on your home screen. You can easily move them using the drag and drop where you wanted among the different screens too by dragging on to different edges of the screen. When you move one icon or shortcut, the other icon would automatically adjust their position.HTC Desire Rearrange

Removing App Shortcut: You can also remove the apps which you use no longer or rarely use it; they make it no place to on home screen, so you can delete them by simply dragging on the icon to the ‘Remove’ button.HTC Desire RemoveRe-arrange Home screen Panels: You can easily arrange different home screen panels in the leaf view; the leaf view provides all of your home screen panels. You have choice of yours to show which panel comes first or last.HTC Desire Leaf ViewPhotos as Wallpapers: You can set your valuable photos as wallpapers. To do that you should press ‘Menu’ and then click on wallpaper > Gallery and then choose the picture that you want to use. Crop it needed and then tap on Save.HTC Desire WallpaperSo do you love the HTC Sense user interface?

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