How to Pre-Order Aakash Tablet [With Students Discount] Ubislate 7+

The Aakash Tablet (we would call it an Indian revolutionary), tagged as the World’s cheapest Android tablet is going to be launched into the actual retail market in India, in the last week of November, or as the Sales staff of DataWind says, it would be on any date after 20th November. It is coming with a price tag of INR 3000, and has the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system in the 7-inch screen, with multiple multimedia options and connectivity limited to GPRS and Wi-Fi. Against all the talks, the actual USD price of the device is around $62, which still is not that high when you are going to have a tablet device with the phone functionality in it.

DataWind is the company working on it, and I had a phone conversation with the sales management of them, where he gave the actual process of pre-ordering an Aakash tablet, and getting it faster than others, and if you are a student you could get it for a lesser price than the MRP.

aakash tablet

There are several websites where you can go and pre-register for the tablet device, and you would get a reply to your mail inbox, but no one is sure whether they would be getting an actual response when the device is launched, and the limited availability of the Aakash tablet makes the chances of availability far lesser.
The better way of Pre-ordering (which actually we call it as showing a higher interest to purchase one) is to call the toll-free customer care no. – 1800-180-2180
You need to call and show your interest in purchasing the tablet device, and they would take down the details.

Upon asking about the Students discount for the Aakash tablet, I was told that the students can get the tablet device for a price tag of INR 1700 to 1800 but they need to contact their college Principal or the Head of the Department. For the students, it need not be just the engineering students, but any college can ask for the student discount by contacting the company. So if you are a student, you can contact your college head and they would proceed with the next step.

The Aakash tablet has the capability of using the SIM card and functioning just like a phone, so you can have any cheap internet plans like the Rs. 98 which gives 2GB of data with 1 month validity, and whenever there is a Wi-Fi network available, the tablet could use that to connect to the internet.
We would update with the various other ways of ordering the tablet device, once the sales team is contacted again when the tablet is launched.

For those who visited the website of DataWind and are confused what the name UbiSlate7 meant, it is the same device and DataWind named the Aakash tablet as Ubislate7.

aakash ubislate7

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