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Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy S2 Pink Edition at £499.00 Contract Free

If you ask me to purchase a phone of your choice then I would opt for Galaxy S 2 as the first preferences and the same questions when asked to girls they would obviously look to choose any color which can represent them. We know pink is the color of mobile which is generally for girls and women. Looking into this, many phones have come up in the pink variant and also white variant of Galaxy S 2 phone looks amazing, better than the black one.

Galaxy S2 pink

The love of Galaxy S 2 has not yet ended though there is light shade on Galaxy Note with its released two months back; the Galaxy S 2 phone by Samsung still remains the favourite choice of one and all. If you desire to buy a Pink edition of Galaxy S 2 then you can now cheer up and order one at a special price. Yes, the Galaxy S 2 phone in pink color is available for £ 499.00 but users have to wait for the pink edition because that is just the pre order edition. The delivery of the users who have gone through booking will be delivered after 13th February 2012 and using the same listing page users can also purchase the handset in black and white variants too. Both the phones are SIM free phones and you can use it with any operator.

Galaxy S2 handset has 4.27 inches WVGA screen with Super AMOLED Plus display from Samsung and comes with Gorilla Glass display with multi touch input. It has 8 mega pixel camera with LED flash on the rear and Android 4.0 update will soon be released officially within few weeks.

The phone is available for purchase at and at Very have also included the offer of take 3 such Galaxy Note and pay £ 166.33 for three months without any interest.

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