Best Qi Wireless Chargers under $50 for Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7

The Qi wireless charging technology has recently been quite popular for removing the need of wires for the charging, but not many smartphone manufacturers have used it much, except Google, as the recent Nexus devices from LG and ASUS have got the compatibility of Qi wireless charging. In fact, Google had launched the Orb wireless charger for the Nexus 4 last year, and this year again there is a new Nexus Wireless Charger which uses the same technology and is compatible to charge the Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and the Nexus 7 2013 edition.

Nexus Wireless Charger CrossFirst off, if you are a fan of Google already and own the nexus smartphone or tablet, you might want to have the charger too from the same maker (though Asus and LG are the manufacturers of the devices), and the Nexus charger comes with a pretty neat design and magnets to hold the Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 2013 so that the phones are held in a position on the small sized mat. Check out the Nexus wireless charger. It would cost you $49.99 and this is the highest price in this list, but again, it comes from a brand that you trusted and that’s the reason you bought a phone being sold by them. For the other options, check below.

The one from Google costs you $50 and for the current alternatives available, it’s quite pricey. There are chargers available with the same qi standards for a price of $20 too, but we wouldn’t totally vouch for the quality to be at par with that of the Nexus wireless charger. Still, for you to save a few dollars and get a wireless charger for your Nexus device, here’s a small list.

Docooler Qi Wireless Charger

Docooler Qi Wireless Charger

The WPC Qi compliant wireless charging pad from Docooler allows the charging of any Qi compliant devices, and it comes with the patented especially designed ventilation holes at the back of the mat, so that the heat due to charging is dissipated. When no receiver is connected, the charger goes into hibernation. There is short circuit protection of the receiver to avoid any overcharging or overheating of it. This comes with the anti-skid feet for a proper placement. The best part about this one is the pricing, being the cheapest, at $17.89. It is available just in the black color.

Lerway Wireless Qi Power Charger Pad

Lerway Wireless Qi Power Charger Pad

This one comes with a smooth and thin design, and the surface is UV coated. It is 3C and Qi wireless charging Standard qualified and there is a light indicator on this charger which would let us know when the phone is being charged. The charging frequency is 100-200 KHz and a distance of 5mm is max until which the charging would be possible, but it is always good to have the phone placed touching the pad for the charging. This wireless charger is available for a price of $18.99, 33% less than what it is priced originally.

CHOE UPGRADED Qi Wireless Charger

Choe Upgraded Qi Wireless Charger

The Qi charger looks similar to the one made by Google, but this is larger and it comes with a blue indicator light which shows whether the phone is being charged. It is 3.6in x 3.6in in size, thus a pretty good flat base for the phone to rest and although you don’t see anything like the magnets to hold the latest Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013, the base should be good enough to ensure the device doesn’t stay without a balance. The nature of flickering blue light means – charging of device wirelessly, and if the blue light doesn’t flicker, then the charging is either completed or the charging coil isn’t completely matching and if there is no blue light then it is not charging and no energy consumption. This wireless charger is available for $29.99, which is a whooping discount of 57%.

Yes Digi QI Wireless Charger

Yes Digi Wireless Charger

There is nothing special in this charger as it does the simple job of transmitting the charging waves and charging the device, and it comes with the AC adapter for the charger. The size is quite large so you can simply place the phone anywhere on the pad and not worry about the charging as it would start off but there is no indicator to let you know whether things are going on right. The Yes Digi wireless charger comes for a price of $32 although the actual price is $70.

Koolpad Qi Wireless Charger Pad

Koolpad Qi Wireless Charger

The wireless charging pad from Koolpad has a charging distance of up to 8mm and that is possible for the phones with the non-metallic cases, so that the transmission of waves occurs. Unlike what you see in the Google Nexus charger, Koolpad boasts of not having any magnets, as there are audible signals which would indicate whether the phone is placed incorrectly, and this charger can be used with external chargers, TV or computer with the MicroUSB cable. The size of the charger is 6in x 4in and that is quite good for placing not just the smartphones but also the tablet devices.
This charger is available for $39.99, with the original price being $49.99.

RAVPower Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger Charging Pad

RAVPower Qi Charger

RAVPower has this wireless charger quite high on price, but for now you are getting it for just $42.99, thus that’s a great deal if you are looking for a neat looking white qi wireless charger for your Nexus devices. There is a LED light display which would indicate the charging status of the phone. The built-in energy saver in the mat automatically sends the phone into idle mode so that the power is saved and not transmitted when there is no phone charging. It comes with both the MicroUSB port, and also an AC adapter.

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