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How to Use QR Codes to Share Contacts & Install Android Apps

Did you ever come across those square barcodes and on website, visiting cards and on products? Did you ever wonder how they actually works and why are they meant for? Well today we will go through the barcodes ie., the QR Code and where we use this barcodes.

AA QR Code

QR Code basically are the two dimensional square barcodes which has data inside it, it may be a website link or phone number or the text but mostly users use to refer to a website. Many phones comes with bar code scanner application, one you ON that it will go through camera application so that it can scan the QR code. Many sites provide QR codes so that users can quickly scan through the code and visit the site without typing anything. So you just need an Android phone with built in camera and barcode scanner application which can be found on the Android PlayStore for free. Its quite easy to create a QR Code on the web and there are various sources by which you can generate QR Code for your site, product, application, link or picture or anything which is one the web in the URL format. Some of the major applications that we have gone through usage of barcode are the installing of Android Apps.

Using the Bar Code

First you need to install the application dedicated for scanning the QR Codes. There are numerous number of Android applications available on the Android Play Store for free and paid as well. We recommended using the Norton Snap Android applications on your device because this application protects you from scanning the dangerous and harmful QR codes. Since you don’t know what might be the source URL, you should stay with secure and safety and so is why Norton Snap is the recommended one. Along with that there are other applications such as Barcode Scanner, Barcode reader and ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner.

Installing Applications using Bar Code

Once when you see a Barcode, open the barcode application on your mobile phone and the place the camera towards the QR code.

When you points towards the square barcode, flashing red lines are been displayed on the screen of your phone. You need to centre the QR code and please don’t move your camera too much as it will require a constant few seconds scanning.Scanning Qr code

When the barcode is finished reading it will identify the QR code and will show the option to open browser, share via email and share via SMS.QR code site

It’s clear with those terms and if you have an Android App you will be forwarded to Android Play Store to the app link. Now you just need to click on Install option. For your easy understanding I have the Android Birds Rio Android applications by Rovio and here I am through that QR code.QR code link

You can share the QR code using Bluetooth, Email, Gmail,  Google +, messaging, Social hub, Wi Fi direct.

Sharing QR codeSo that quite easy to share with your friend but I think there will be not much applications for sharing. The QR code can come good when you have a advertising phamplet or broucher given to any one and the instead of provide URL, the bar code will provide quick access to the site.

Its just the beginning of the exploring the new world with Android and the bar code.

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