Radiation from cellphone might not actually kill you, says new studies by NTP

We have been listing about the damage that can be caused by cellphone radiations, but according to two new government studies by National Toxicology Program (NTP), the radiation from the cell phone will not kill people. Although it is advised to use the cellphones carefully and also make sure the kids have safe cellphone habits. Dr. John Bucher, who is a senior scientist with NTP says, “if there is a risk, it is small.”

Two NTP studies have monitored the effects of radio frequency radiation (RFR) on mice like the type that is emitted from microwave ovens and cell phones. These mice that were exposed to RFR were is the same health conditions as it was in the case of the mice that were not exposed. Moreover, to our surprise, the mice that were exposed to radiation lived longer than which were not exposed.

It is recommended to place the phone away while sleeping and also said that keeping cellphone away reduces the radiation exposure. The National Cancer Institute also said that the use of the hands-free technology like the wireless and wireless headsets have increased, which may decrease radiofrequency exposure to the brain, ear and the head.

The Food and Drug Administration is also reviewing the NTP reports and it also believes in the current safety limits for cellphones. The reports from NTP will be reviewed by experts and regulators and will come to conclusion after that. It is also said that there is no evidence of a relation between cancer and cellphones as per many researchers. Well, it is still suggested to keep the cellphones away to be on the safe side. What do you think about these reports? We will wait for the next set of reports from the researchers until then stay tuned to Android Advices for more interesting news.


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