RCA Mobile TV Android Tablet DDA850R – Specs, Features, Availability & Price

Who said, technology has come to an end. It’s just a start and in the World of tablet computing and LIVE television experience an all new innovation has arrived in the form of RCA Mobile TV Tablet DDA850R which is the World’s 1st Dual Tuner 8 inched Mobile TV Tablet which receives the digital television signals Over-the-Air from the Local TV stations. This device will be announced and showcased with in CES 2013 event which will be held in Las Vegas. This device will include a standard over-the-air DTV tuner, along with a mobile TV tuner that is compatible with Dyle mobile TV, a service that enables consumers to watch live, local TV while they are on the go.

RCA Mobile TV Android Tablet DDA850R

Specs & Features of RCA Mobile TV Tablet DDA850R:
While this is the first ever tablet which integrates the mobile tv tuner with the Dyle Mobile TV. With an access of over 130 mobile tv stations throughout the country, this device deserves a round of applause as it’s the World’s First. With a stunning 8 inched screen, this tablet is a portable tv set based on the Android operating system which also comes with the Wi Fi capability, Front as well as Rear cameras and not to forge the GPS Functionality. Though this tablet has much more to offer, we have summed up a brief specs and features of RCA Mobile TV Tablet DDA850R below;

  • 8 inched HD IPS Display,
  • 1024 x 768 pixels Resolution,
  • Cortex A5 1GHz Processor,
  • 8GB on – board memory,
  • Integrated GPS,
  • Micro USB, Micro SD, Twin Speakers,
  • RCA Mobile TV Capability,
  • HDMI Connectivity,
  • Weight 1.4 Pounds,
  • Wi Fi 802.11 b/g/n,
  • Google PLAY Store,
  • 10hrs of Web Browsing,

Price & Availability RCA Mobile TV Tablet DDA850R:
With a price tag of around $299, this LIVE TV enabled TV Tablet is a steal considering that it’s the latest offering and also will allow you to watch television on the move without internet and also without shelling out any additional money for the same. The availability details of this device is not yet confirmed about the same but yes as in when  it comes, we will keep you posted about the same.

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