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Re-Activate Android Device with Another Email Account – Primary Email not Active

Question by Amit Mishra : I have my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 registered with my Gmail account which I used it earlier and the problem is my primary account is not active now. What are the steps by which I can delete the old account and reactivate or register or link up with my a new Gmail account that I have? Is that possible first?

Android Advices Team Answer: Android smartphones offer customizations and personalization according to the users need. No when you register a mobile phone, you need to provide a Google Account to link up with your Android phone in order to continue using free services like Google Maps, Gmail, Picasa, YouTube and Google Searches on your phone synced automatically. Now then if you have forgotten your old email address and you can no longer use it then you can change it as well to a new email account of your’s. Here in the article we will show you on Re-Activate android device with another email account if primary email not active.

How to Change Primary email Account

Follow the procedure mentioned below to change your primary email account –

First you need to go ahead with a factory reset on your mobile phone so that you can erase your old gmail account which is not activate. Don’t worry that your phone will got lost. Before going through the process of the data reset we request you to do some pre requisites of backing up you’re applications and SMS, Call Logs and other files and documents. Once you are done with those you can proceed with factory reset on your phone.

  • To do a factory reset on your phone, tap on Menu > Settings and then head to Privacy.Settings
  • Now tap on Factory Data Reset.Factory Data Reset
  • Read the disclaimer and then tap on Reset Phone.
  • It will take some time to reset your phone and its done.Data Reset phone
  • Once the factory data reset is done on your phone, your phone is just the like the branded new one and it will be much faster than the previous usage you get. This guide is common for all the Android powered smartphone regardless of the brand and now when you go through the phone setup, it will ask for the Gmail account to continue.
  • Type in your new Gmail account and you are ready to use that Gmail Account as your primary Gmail account on your phone.
  • That’s it. Done!

So you phone is now linked with an another email ID and its reactivated. Do let us know if isn’t working for you.

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1 Comment

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