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Read India’s History from 1498-1605 on Android with Monument Pictures

India is a historic country and history reveals that India has gone pass through various historic glory. The historic India has gone pass through various monuments and places each one has its own significance and importance. These monuments tell us about the reason why that was built for and who was the great builder. Many of the monuments are many hundred years old and many other facts, myths revolve around for the existence of those great monuments.

The Glory of India

The Glory of India Lite is an Android application developed by Day Dreamers Team to help users know about the glory of India on their Android mobile phone. The user can read out events and related history of that particular year, you can even search out for events description. Also you can check out earlier year maps so check out the emperor kingdom expansion. The rulers tab allows you to view the years the king has ruled.

The Glory of India

This has made easy to for the users to make it easy viewing through apps for the history lovers although there are various sites available for Indian history. The free version of it has limitations whereas paid version of it uncovers whole the story of India history.

The Glory of India Lite Download

The Glory of India Lite Free can be downloaded at Android Market. The paid version of this application can be purchased at a price of Rs 99.99.

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