7 Reasons Why the Samsung Galaxy Note is the Best SmartPhone

Finally the Samsung Galaxy Note Smart Phone Tablet is launched almost everywhere starting with UK, Jakarta, India etc and has reached many consumers who now have this on their hands. We have already covered about Note launch in UK & India Launch along with an article which gave you the Pricing of Note in different countries based on a few online stores. If you are one of those who needs more reasons to know why should you buy this device then this article can help you because we are going to give you some of the best reasons which can convince you enough.

Reason # 1 : Large Screen size

The device has a large 5.3″ Super Amoled HD Screen which gives you a higher resolution of 1280×800 which is almost similar to what you see on most desktops giving you a great viewing experience. This year 2011 the Galaxy S2 was one of the best device as per major reports and the Note is expecting to beat these numbers soon, along with which the Note is 1″ larger than the S2 Phone.
Galaxy Note Super Amoled HD Display

The Large screen has many advantages because you can browse the web in a better way and also enjoy your favorite tasks on the large screen. If you are someone for whom the Iphone 4S screen feels small then the Note is for you. With this high-resolution you also get a 180 degree viewing angle which ensures that you can share and watch media easily on your device with others. The large-sized screen is also useful when you try to view Powerpoint Presentations, ebooks and other apps on your device ensuring that you don’t have to continuously pinch to zoom into the content because it’s already available in full size.

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