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Record & Share Business Meeting Transcript & Audio with Android App

Business meeting are the discussions on further business plans and it would be great to share the recorded with your colleagues so that you can review it later. If you are thinking of the same then SaveMeeting Android application can be of your use. It’s a cross platform app developed to record your business meeting through audio recording. The audio clips that you record are saved on to the cloud directly from your smartphones and so you shouldn’t be worry of the space the audio consumes. The audio is directly accessible on the Savemeeting website and you don’t have to install any software.

This application was initially developed from iOS and latter looking at the growth of the Android, it’s now available at Marketplace for free download. While recording the audio, you can make use of transcription, audio marks and make to do list too. You can go through the pending tasks, so that it can allow you to assign tasks to other members who are attending the meeting. This application also gives you full control on the recorded meetings audios. After a recording is done for a meeting, the application asks for the title, project, location and number of attendees along with start and end time.

Save Meeting Save Meeting

Once all the details are filled in you can save your work by pressing the save icon on the top right corner of the screen. The file would be saved in the SaveMeeting’s cloud server. Don’t worry about the public usage as this file is only available for viewing to your and it requires registered details to access the content.

This application can be used at meetings, conferences or at interviews by journalists, lawyers, consultants, salesperson, doctors, assistants and students as there are multiple uses of it.

Share Meeting Download

The Share Meeting Android application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. From your Android phone open the Share Meeting app page and then click on Install button to automatically install this application on your phone.

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