Remote Access your Lost Android Phone & Read Wipe Lock Data on the Device

Once you lost your phone there are many problems. You need to recover the data, need to pay for the new devices, register a complaint for lost SIM and lost phone as well and importantly you are always at threat of other person using your device for the reasons you want him to use.

Android Lost

Losing your phone is not a fun though we have applications like phone tracker or lost phone trackers which come handy but unthinkable happens during when the phone is lost.  The Android Lost is one of the most featured rich Android applications which has the best chance to find your lost Android phone. This application will allow you to remotely control your device from the website. This application is quite useful in cases where you put your smartphone on silent or leave it somewhere else or in cases where you get your device lost.

So if in case your device is lost, you can access it via and do wipe phone, lock phone, erase SD card content for privacy of your documents so they aren’t seen by other users remotely. One can easily locate position of the phone using the GPS or network usage on Google Maps and determine where your phone located. The users can know how much battery is left, display the IMEI code and the SIM Card number and lot more which can find your phone.

Android Lost Details

You can actually control lot many things and you will be notified if the SIM Card is changed on the device. Users have more choice to take photos using the back or the front cameras and you can even make your device talk with the text to speech. Multiple phones can be control using one account of yours.

When you are connected to your phone via you can rename your device on this page. This will take effect when you next login into your account.

Android Lost settings

The site also shows you to set up a SMS notification number in case anyone changes the SIM Card on your phone. This is useful when your mobile phone is stolen and some one trying to change your SIM card.

As soon as you install this application and run it on your mobile phone you will be ask to grant administrator rights on your device to remotely lock or wipe your phone. It’s better to grant it accordingly.

Android Lost Application Download

Android Lost can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. To download it directly on to your mobile phone, you need to visit the Android Apps Labs page listing of Android Lost application and then click on the install button to automatically download it.

Alternatively, one can easily download this application by following the QR code given below –

Android Lost

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