How to Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android Mobile

android logoWe all use Google contacts Sync function so that our Android phone contacts are always synchronized with our Google account. This feature allows us to quickly manage the contacts on the go right on our Android phones. Well, our powerful Android phone not only helps you sync your Google contacts but it also helps us sync our Facebook and other accounts in order to stay sharp and work smart. As a result we often face a problem of duplicate contacts in an account. Our contacts are important for us and we cannot simply delete duplicate contacts if there are some important details attached with it. We can merge the contacts together which carry same information and can solve the problem of duplicate contacts. Merging contacts is a process with help of which we can combine two or more contacts with similar information into one.

Merging contacts can be successfully performed on our Android phone itself and can also be performed on our personal computer. Both the methods are described below.

Merge Contacts using Android Phone:
To merge or join contacts on your Android phone follow the bullets below.

  • Go to Contacts on your Android phone.
  • Select or Open the contact which is appearing twice or thrice.
  • Once the particular contact is selected or opened then select ‘edit’.
  • In the edit mode, press the context menu button.
  • Now select the option which says ‘Join contacts’.
  • On the next screen some suggestions will be given, if not then you can select ‘All contacts’ option and manually select the duplicate contact entry and hit OK.
  • Your selected contact is now merged and no duplicate entry will be found.

NOTE: The process is lengthy and thus advisable for use only for few contacts, batch operation cannot be performed. All Android phones do not provide this facility by default. The above method is tested on Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini phone.

Merge Contacts using Personal Computer:
To merge or join contacts on the computer simply follow the following bullets.

  • Visit and login with your Google account which is in sync with the phone.
  • You will see three panels, on the left hand side panel select ‘My Contacts’ and you will see some options on the right most panel.
  • Select the option which says ‘Find Duplicates’, now Google will scan and provide you with some contacts that can be merged.
  • Now select particular contact options and then click on ‘merge’.
  • Your contacts will be automatically merged.

Find Duplicates
Merge Duplicates

To manually select and merge the contacts follow the bullets below:

  • Login to
  • In the middle panel, select contacts that you need to merge or join.
  • On selection you will see an option which says ‘merge’ in the right most panel, select this option and you are done.
  • Similarly follow this procedure for each contact.

Merge Manually

NOTE: For best results backup all the contacts on your phone and once backup is ready in CSV or Vcard format, delete the contacts from your phone. You can import this CSV or Vcard file into you Google contacts at and then start merging if u have not set up the sync function. It is necessary that you create backup of your contacts before deleting all your phone contacts even if you are using sync function.

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