Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos on Phone with Brush & Lasso Tool

How many times have you felt that an unwanted object has crept in the photo? If you have certain photos where you wanted to remove unwanted photos then you can make use of TouchRetouch application present on your Android mobile phone. We did go through many of the top photo editing apps.

TouchRetouch Free App

The TouchRetouch is an Android application available in both free and paid. With this application on your Android mobile phone and tablet, the unwanted objects on any of the photos removing are just finger touch away. Let say suppose If I have a beautiful photo and in the back of it someone face is coming out then you no longer would be required to go with advanced photo editing with Photoshop though the professional would prefer that. In turn you can use TouchRetouch Android app to remove banners of the building, get rid of unwanted object, spots and disturbance in the photo.

The application is provided through various unlimited undo/redo action. The edits can be done with using the finger touch on your Android mobile phone.

Download this app from Android Market and run this when the installation is done. As soon as you open this app, on the home screen you will option to open photos from Folder, Open photos from Camera and there are basic and advanced tutorial are out there, you can view them.TouchRetouch HomeSuppose this is the photo which I have –

PhotoOpen the photo in TouchReTouch app –

TouchRetouch OpenTo edit photo, you can double tap on the photo area where you want to make edits. Now select the brush tool, adjust its radius and select the area on the photo. After you select the desired area, you need to press go to remove the selected region. The Lasso drawing panel can be used to select the region on your photo and as usual press on go to delete that region.

Photo EditClick on Go when you have selected the region –

Photo after editsWell, that was the TouchRetouch Free app, there are many other features in the PRO version of this app which is available for download at $ 1. With average rating of 4.5 /5 by various users at Android Market this will soon become the widely used photo editing apps.

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