How to Reset Android to Increase Space & Speed

Hard Reset AndroidA Reset of your phone means you are restoring your device software back to the normal as it came when you first purchase it. Generally there are two types of reset options available for you which are –

Soft Reset

The easiest way to reset your phone is to format the SD Card and formats your phone to factory default. By this way you can increase the storage space and speed up your mobile phone. The soft reset doesn’t require any assistance of technical guy or expert.

Hard Reset

If soft reset is not possible or it has interruption, then you can use the hard reset method to reset your mobile phone. Generally a hard reset to your mobile phone includes some codes or procedure to format and this method require a few idea and techies can easily do it. The process is equivalent of resinstalling an operating system on your PC. Note that data on your SD card still remains and you would need to follow another process to remove it.

With the hard reset, you need to redownload your apps and settings and follow the procedure mentioned below to get a hard reset for your phone –

  1. Turn Off your mobile phone.
  2. Hold the HOME button and RED Power button for 30 seconds until you see a triangle with an exclamation mark at the centre. Keep holding it even though the G1 logo shows up.
  3. Now you have the following four options –
    • ALT + L Toggle log text display between exclamation and menu options
    • ALT + S Apply SD card Update
    • ALT + W Wipe data and factory reset
    • HOME + BACK for reboot of your mobile

Reset Android Phone Video Tutorial

If you hard reset your mobile phone then you need to re-register your mobile phone. Generally hard reset is done when you have forgotten the Lock Pattern or the Unlock Password.


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  2. my htc has pattern lock and i can’t do any thing on the phone

  3. hard reset ones worked on my infinix X401….but now it isnt working again….when it worked,as soon as i reached d factory reset option,it hanged,and wouldnt do anything further….plz help me out

  4. my LG optimus p 350 cannot hard reset please give me some suggetion

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    my phone is pattern lock and mobile data is off so i am not able use gmail

  6. I have a sph m580 samsung that i can not remember my stupid new passwords lol please help me to reset my phone the power and home keys do not work for resettin this one thanks

  7. Galaxy Ace 5830i

    1) switch off mobile
    2) press volume key up, home button and power button(All these at a time). wait for few seconds.
    3)select factory reset.
    4) select yes to remove all data by using volume key up and down. Wait for a minute.
    5) Done,Congratulations.

  8. I have a samsung galaxy s, i forgot my pin lock but still know my email and password for the phone. But i cant access the forgot password page???? Plz help me :’(

    • you can either reset via Google Account or can hard reset the device to get away with the password

  9. I forgot my password as well as security pattern . With the help of your instructions now i am out of trouble…thank you very much

  10. Hello this site is gud lol :-);-):$:-S:@:-P:-D:-o:-(B-):’(:-*

  11. sir neal i just want to ask about screen lock because i forgot my screen lock patterns how can i open my samsung galaxy tablet? thank you

  12. How Do i hard reset my mobile ?? Model : Hauwai 8160/ VOdafone 858 Smart..
    Problem: Too many Pattern Attempts (I forgot my pass).. Please Help me.

    • Press and hold VOLUME UP to press the power button for entering your device in the Recovery Mode

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  19. I have an android motorola and i had a pattern pin on it & locked myself out and I don’t have a google account to get on what do I do?

  20. i turn the phone off then click home and the power button and it turns it on and goes back to the menu, HELP!

  21. Volume up down button is not working on my micromax funbook…for hard reset

  22. disqus_JlvFuquVRw

    my friend tried unlocking my android Avail by the pattern and tried it to many times and completely locked it up and i forgot my username and password to my gmail account.

  23. how do i reset a g2, not the mytouch.

  24. Worked well for my HTC G1……. I was about to cry

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  28. shall i turn off my mobile phone n den press home n red button..?

  29. I have samsung galaxy y young GT S5360
    Is Shows
    Too many pattern attempts!
    to unlock sign in with your google account.

    but I forgott mu username and password
    plz help me
    how can I reset my mobile.
    Send Manual Please

  30. I have Samsung Galaxy Y young, GT S5360,
    It ShowsToo Many Pattern Attempts!To Unlock Sign in with your Google acount. but I forgott my username and passwordhow can I reset my soft reset or by hard reset.please send me manual for reset my mobile.

  31. My phone is a my touch q. I dont have any “Red Power Buttons” And i Have in the front for buttons are Options Home Return And Geniouse button. :L

  32. i have a xperia x8 it dnt work

  33. i have a xperia x8 it dnt work

  34. what if your android phone does not have a red power button? we have a samsung replenish

  35. i got an android with no home buttun and i got the power butten and th hand up butten and need to know what do i do

  36. hi i have an samsung android phone my daughter locked my phone by to many pattern attemps and i forgot my gmail account.. can u please help me

  37. thanks!!!!! it saved me 300 pesos! wooohoo!

  38. it really helped thanx.. !!! :)

  39. i cant remember how to open the galaxy ace gt-5830 i cant open.. can you help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. i held the power button and the home button for ages and my phone just turner on and no triangle with an explaination mark in the middle showed up

  41. I did everything I was instructed. I see the triangle and the exclamation mark inside of it and I also see the android little robot. I held it longer and nothing no options came up. What am I suppose to do now? Please help me!!

  42. I have no coverage on the phone when I did as it stood how do I get coverage? respond quickly please

  43. I want to reset my samsung galaxy 2, but there is no red button there. What should I press on to reset?

  44. Hi i am really confused? If i hard reset my phone do i have to register it after?

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  46. hi i brrought a samsumg galaxy ace s5830 off a mate but in has a password code i dont no wat it is and he moved away is there anyway i can rid of the old password plez help ivehad it for 4 months

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  49. mic-mic custodio

    i have the same problem with my samsung galaxy young, where is the red button? where can i find it in my device?

  50. UHM HI, I have an HTC Status and the only home button on it is touch screen one and no triangle is showing up…

  51. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My child brutally put on a pattern lock…although i had hidden my phone…he’s a 2 year old, of course, he didn’t even have clue. But also there wasn’t an option to enter my google account. And *2767*3855# also didn’t work i the emergency call pad…wow, ”ALT + W Wipe data and factory reset” did it just fine…so again, thank you. :))

  52. i have samsung galaxy y and i forget the unlock pattern and gmail account can i solve this problem?

  53. pls sir help me with my samsung galaxy s2 the step that you mention on the other phone’s dont apply at all… you see i first turn off the unit the press the volume down up and press the power button and then it appers the same thing the same menu that require the acct. info of my google pls help me sir… this phone is new

  54. I have samsung galaxy s2 and my friend lock the pattern i have reset my google id bt it doesnot work. Now i have tried to hard reset but the screen still showing downloading for more than 1 hour. Can somebody help me in this regards

    • my phone says too that it’s downloading ,but nothing changes, only downloading… Do not turn off target is on the screen. what should i do?

      • connect your phone to the computer with the help of original usb cable while keeping odin opened in your pc.

  55. I have a sony ericsson wt19i, does anyone know how to hard reset this one?

  56. I have a Samsung Galaxy Q. There’s no red power button, so how can I reset my phone?

  57. I have a samsung galaxy s2 and I have forgotten my passcode, and it’s not working. where is the red botton? plz help me!!

  58. How to hard set

  59. Hi there.

    i was wondering if any one would know how to fix a problem i have. well I have a Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS (young) when i have placed a pattern lock on it i didn’t activate a Gmail Account. so when i turn it on all i can see is the 9 pattern Dots, and a tab the says emergency call. I have forgotten my pattern and I was hoping if there was any way to reset the whole phone clean???

    so Plz Reply.

  60. i have a galaxy s2…… & my problem is tht i cant download from android market….. download never gets started….. so any solutions guys………..please…..

  61. i have a galaxy s2…… & my problem is tht i cant download from android market….. download gets started….. so any solutions guys………..please…..

  62. my samsyng galaxy tab GT-P1000 doex not recognise my password although I know it. How can I reset it

  63. pls help me

  64. hi, i have samsung galaxy y i forgot my unlock pattern pls help me now

  65. rutthhhh says hi

    i forgot my pattern code and gmail account and i dont know how to fix it and i have a LG Optimus V from virgin mobil please help!),:

  66. i have the optmus slider for virgin mobile and this was not helpful at all….. -.- . what do i do? does it even work?

  67. Hi my daughter has locked her phone by forgetting the password, it now says to many pattern attempts, her gmail and password is not being accepted either, have followed ur procedue to hard reset but this doesn’t work on ther htc incredible s please help!!!
    Thank you

  68. will this work with a samsung galaxy prevail
    plz help!!!!

  69. yaaa maaan wata maan … its really working … i struggled for three days … thankx mann

  70. i have a samsung galaxy y, what is the RED POWER BUTTON ? and where it is located on my mobile?

  71. i have a tmobile mytouch 3g
    and i forgot my passcode and i dont know gmail account either
    how can i get in

  72. i have a samsung galaxy wonder, (w)
    and i forgot my passcode and i dont know gmail account either, its my brand new phone, im so sad :( HELP, PLEASE!!!!

    • turn off the phone, press volume down up button and press the power button to enter into the recovery mode. in recovery mode, clear all the data, it will not ask the pass code

  73. thanks a lot . it works . i have my cell back

  74. I have a T Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 2and I don’t have an actual menu button so somebody please tell me how to reset my phone. T Mobile wants to charge me 30 bucks to do it and I want to try to just clear it out by myself before I pay. Somebody please help me!

    • just enter into the recovery mode and clear all the cache and wipe the data! simple! You saved your $30 :)

  75. have a verzion Android phone

  76. the only thing i can do is when people call me i can answer but nothing else

  77. what if i forgotten my pattern password and my user name on my gmail and there no way i cant get in my phone at all .

  78. my samsung galaxy s2 SGH T989 got locked after wrong pattern for several times, i tried to log in with gmail, but it says wrong username or password infact it is correct and work on computer, i also tried hard reset and still not working..what shall i do to unlock?

  79. fanks alot i just fixed ma mobile phone by following you i was goin to pay huge sums of money to fix it

  80. my phone juz lock for 2 days.i enter the recovery mode but it dont work anyting.cnnot be i want to clear it.???i cant remember my id gmail n using galaxy ace..

  81. i forget id
    plz solution

  82. my daughter has forgotten her pattern password and wont let her sign in to gmail on her phone but she can do on a laptop can you please help???????

  83. i have samsung galaxy nexus and it does not have a home button …just a power button so wht do i do..////////?????

  84. hello,,,i have a galaxy s2 i forget my unlock pattern and my gmail account pleas help me thank u

  85. Hi,i have a galaxy y and my brother tries to use my phone when i was away and it end up locked.
    I forgot my ID for the phone,so,help plsss~~

  86. the hard reset doesnt work on my samsung galaxy s2 can anyone help?

  87. With the hard reset, you need to redownload your apps and settings and follow the procedure mentioned below to get a hard reset for your phone –
    1.Turn Off your mobile phone.
    2.Hold the HOME button and RED Power button for 30 seconds until you see a triangle with an exclamation mark at the centre. Keep holding it even though the G1 logo shows up.
    3.Now you have the following four options – ■ALT + L Toggle log text display between exclamation and menu options
    ■ALT + S Apply SD card Update
    ■ALT + W Wipe data and factory reset
    ■HOME + BACK for reboot of your mobile

    HINT ***use the volume bar on the lefthand side of the phone to toggle between options

    This is the best advice website, it saved me $66 and a trip to the repairers that only took me 2 minutes to complete myself.
    Thankyou so much

  88. Hello, I have a Galaxy Y and I forgot my unlock pattern and my Gmail account. Please help me. :(

  89. today i had same issue. i have samsung galaxy s2. i was entering right username and pasword but i didnt work. but suddenly it worked after so many tries.. so try your username and pasword again n again (gmail) and it will work for sure. :-)

  90. re-register my mobile phone ?
    sry im not so good in this…
    how do i re-register it? go back to the shop where i get it?
    And what if i dont register it?
    pls help me… =( THX =)

  91. hi, does this work with galaxy s2 I don’t know the screen lock code?

  92. In none of these reset articles does it say whether OS updates would be wiped too. I bought my Samsung Galaxy tab 7 with android 2.2 on it, but it now has 2.3.3 and I want to go back to 2.2 (to make it useable again). I can’t work out whether these reset procedures would revert the OS, or just data. I’d be wasting a huge amount of time doing this factory reset only to find that I still have gingerbread at the end of it, but no apps or data.

  93. I can’t remember my pattern and my email will not work how can I regain access to my sprint HTC EVO 4G cell phone. Please if you no of any other way for me to get on my phone?

  94. I am using galaxy ace GT-S5830.I bought it unlocked from my friend from america.I am user from nepal
    If i set this mobile to the factory setting, will i need to unlock it again. If so how it is possible to unlock being in Nepal…
    plz answer

  95. Hi Neal,,can not apply SD card erase,,do not know what’s the reason,,SD card is not highlighted on my SGS,,so that i can select it. I am currently on XXJVQ and its rooted.