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How to Reset Android to Increase Space & Speed

Hard Reset AndroidA Reset of your phone means you are restoring your device software back to the normal as it came when you first purchase it. Generally there are two types of reset options available for you which are –

Soft Reset

The easiest way to reset your phone is to format the SD Card and formats your phone to factory default. By this way you can increase the storage space and speed up your mobile phone. The soft reset doesn’t require any assistance of technical guy or expert.

Hard Reset

If soft reset is not possible or it has interruption, then you can use the hard reset method to reset your mobile phone. Generally a hard reset to your mobile phone includes some codes or procedure to format and this method require a few idea and techies can easily do it. The process is equivalent of resinstalling an operating system on your PC. Note that data on your SD card still remains and you would need to follow another process to remove it.

With the hard reset, you need to redownload your apps and settings and follow the procedure mentioned below to get a hard reset for your phone –

  1. Turn Off your mobile phone.
  2. Hold the HOME button and RED Power button for 30 seconds until you see a triangle with an exclamation mark at the centre. Keep holding it even though the G1 logo shows up.
  3. Now you have the following four options –
    • ALT + L Toggle log text display between exclamation and menu options
    • ALT + S Apply SD card Update
    • ALT + W Wipe data and factory reset
    • HOME + BACK for reboot of your mobile

Reset Android Phone Video Tutorial

If you hard reset your mobile phone then you need to re-register your mobile phone. Generally hard reset is done when you have forgotten the Lock Pattern or the Unlock Password.


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  3. hard reset ones worked on my infinix X401….but now it isnt working again….when it worked,as soon as i reached d factory reset option,it hanged,and wouldnt do anything further….plz help me out

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    my phone is pattern lock and mobile data is off so i am not able use gmail

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  7. Galaxy Ace 5830i

    1) switch off mobile
    2) press volume key up, home button and power button(All these at a time). wait for few seconds.
    3)select factory reset.
    4) select yes to remove all data by using volume key up and down. Wait for a minute.
    5) Done,Congratulations.

  8. I have a samsung galaxy s, i forgot my pin lock but still know my email and password for the phone. But i cant access the forgot password page???? Plz help me :’(

    • you can either reset via Google Account or can hard reset the device to get away with the password

  9. I forgot my password as well as security pattern . With the help of your instructions now i am out of trouble…thank you very much

  10. Hello this site is gud lol :-);-):$:-S:@:-P:-D:-o:-(B-):’(:-*

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  12. How Do i hard reset my mobile ?? Model : Hauwai 8160/ VOdafone 858 Smart..
    Problem: Too many Pattern Attempts (I forgot my pass).. Please Help me.

    • Press and hold VOLUME UP to press the power button for entering your device in the Recovery Mode

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  20. i turn the phone off then click home and the power button and it turns it on and goes back to the menu, HELP!

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