How to Reset Motorola Droid – Hardware & Software Methods

The Motorola Droid is the famous smartphone manufactured by Motorola. How many times have you hard reset your Droid phone to make it cleaner and make it work faster with better response. If you feel that your device is taking long time for response then it’s time to erase everything on your device. This will not only remove clutter from your handset but will make its performance back to its original when you purchase it. Generally this option is very much useful when you are selling your mobile or when you are giving it to service center to ensure that your personal data doesn’t come in the hand of any strangers.

There are two types of hard reset methods available to you –

  • Hardware Reset Method
  • Software Reset Method

Software Reset your Motorola Droid Mobile Phone

The soft reset is one of the easiet way to reset your Android phone which can be done by even a learner too. Since we provide most of the guide in basic level which can be understand by all, we will provide the procedure which is easily understood.

  • To get started with the process of hard reset you need to go to Menu and then tap on Settings.
  • When you are under your phone settings then you need to tap on the Privacy option which will offer various options to back up your data, restore and also the option of data reset.Android Privacy
  • Now you need to tap on the option of “Factory Data Reset” to restore your factory settings and this will be opened in a new window. This option will erase all the data from your phone’s internal storage which includes Google Account, application data, downloaded Android Market apps and system files.Factory Data Reset
  • So select “Format USB Storage” and tap on to Reset Phone option.
  • In the next step you will be provided with final step for the confirmation and once you do that you wouldn’t be able to recover anything from your phone. Tap on “Erase Everything” option to proceed.Erase
  • When you click on it, the phone would be automatically restarted and further ON it will ask to setup your Google Account and other settings which are same as when you set it up for the first time.

Hard Reset your Motorola Droid Mobile Phone

Here is the hard reset option procedure to do on your phone –

  • First turn off your Motorola Droid mobile phone and then take out the battery out of it and re-insert it again.
  • Open the keyboard on your phone and then press x key and holding that key you need to simultaneously press down the power button to Power On the device. Keep holding the buttons until you see a yellow triangle appear on the screen which is the recovery mode of your phone.
  • Now press the Camera and the Volume Up button at the same time to get the menu options and retry until you get this.
  • Now use the direction pad on your phone to make selection among the option available in the menu and then click on Format option.
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