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Best Ringtone Maker, Ringtone Download Apps for Android Phones

With the introduction of Polyphonic ringtones, the tones which are used to notify you about a call or message have now become a style statement and one that defines our personality. So the need of getting the best ringtone in the market is very high and according to your liking, and in Android there are many such apps which will let you choose from the best collections in the market. There are a vast number of Ringtone makers and apps which let you download ringtones, and here i am going to review the best of both.

We are going to  list out some of the best and unique Ringtone apps from Android Play Store:

Ringtone Editor Pro:

Everyone of us will have a song which we just love and a certain part of the song which we just love to hear every time there are many ringtone apps and website’s but searching for every such app and website can be time wasting and most of the times we don’t get what we want, so here is an app which will let you edit the song which you want cut out the unwanted part of the song and just select the part which you want to hear and set as ringtone.

Ringtone Editor Pro

How to use Ringtone Editor Pro to cut songs into ringtones:

  1. Launch the App and select the song from the list of songs displayed.
  2. After clicking on the song you will be directed to the editor page which is very easy to use.
  3. At the bottom of the page you can see 2 boxes on the left and right side of the page “Start” and “End”.
  4. In the Start box type in the time from which you want the ringtone to start.
  5. In the End box type in the time at which you want the ringtone to end.
  6. You can play the ringtone and see if you want to extend the time or decrease the time of the ringtone accordingly before saving your all new ringtone.

It is a very helpful app to create ringtones on your own from your android device it is a no nonsense app which directly lets you edit the song will just one click and the user interface is very easy to understand too.
Download: MP3 cutter and Ringtone Maker

Video Ringtone Maker:

Many of us might have got bored of using all the audio ringtones to notify you when you get a call or message, did you ever think of having a video to notify you on receiving a call ? there is an Android app just made for this.

Features of Video Ringtone Maker:

  1. Set a Video Ringtone and Video tones for Calls
  2. It has a huge collections of 1 million video ringtones to select from
  3. You can Create your own Video Ringtone.

How to Create your own Video Ringtone using Video Ringtone Maker:

  1. After downloading and launching the app and filling it the required details of your profile you will be seeing a list of random videos and news.
  2. You can select from the list of Videos and set them as your ringtone.
  3. If you want to create your own video you need to click on the “Make your own” icon in the bottom of the screen which is located beside the downloads icon.
  4. You will be seeing this pop up option to make you own tone: Select from Video, Sound Track and you can name the new tone.
  5. After selecting the Video you will be getting options to trim the video accordingly to choose the timing of the video and you can even change the background sound track f you have a personal video.

It is a pretty impressive app and that too for free. You can easily edit and create your own video ringtone for free, and have a unique video as your ringtone.

let you Mp4, Flv and 3gp video formats can be used to notify you when you receive a call on your android phone.
Download: Video Ringtone Maker

Funny Sayings Ringtones:

This is something unique, an app which gives you funny sayings which are given to you as ringtones for download. There are a list of 70 sayings ringtones. These ringtones can be downloaded and set as Ringtone, Notification, Alarm and it can also be assigned to contacts.
To assign a Ringtone from the list you need to Click and Hold on the desired ringtone which will give a pop up with options to: Set as Default Ringtone, Assign to Contact, Default Notification, Default Alarm and Delete Ringtone.
Once you click on the desired option the ringtone is set, it is a no hassle procedure easy to use and simple to set.
Funny Sayings Ringtone is a good app if you are looking for funny and unique ringtones for your device. You can choose from the 70 hilarious and funny ringtones from the app.
Download: Funny Sayings Ringtones


It is the oldest website available for smartphone downloads like message tones, ringtones and wallpapers. Now zedge is available as an app for android smartphones to access a huge list of  ringtones.
You can select various ringtones which are divided based of categories to select from. There are more than 50000 ringtones available and each one can be previewed before downloading. Look at the image below which will show you the settings page of zedge giving you the options of using the family filter to filter some adult stuff available in the store and auto preview which will let you hear the ringtone while you are browsing it and download it.

Zedge is a very good option if you are looking for a huge list of ringtones to select and download from.
Download: Zedge

Scary Ringtones:

It is an app which contains 59 Scary ringtones to choose from. The app lets you Set the tone as Ringtone, Notification, Alarm and Assign to Contacts directly from the App interface. Beside the Ringtone name there are 2 option a Star icon which lets you sort out the specific ringtone as Favourite and another play icon to listen to the ringtone before selecting it.

How to Set Scary tone as Ringtone, Notification or alarm: Click and hold on the specific ringtone which you want to set as ringtone, and you can see that a pop up window appears above the ringtone which gives you the options like: Set as Default Ringtone, Assign to Contact, Set as Default Notification, Set as Default alarm. The ringtones available are very unique and for horror lovers it is a must have, you can scare your friends too with some of the apps which are really scary like i specifically liked the Evil Laugh ringtone which is very realistic and scary.
Download: Scary Ringtones App
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