How to Root LG My Touch Android Phone – Tutorial

Procedure to Root LG My Touch:

  • Download the My Touch Rooting Package from here to your computer and then you need to unzip the same. In the process of unzipping you will be prompted to enter the password. Enter the password as “”.

Password Super One click

  • From the extracted files, click on the file “Super One Clicked Root” tool and then with the help of USB cable connect the phone to the computer.

Extracted Contents

  • In the Super one click tool, you need to click on “Root” tab after which the process of the rooting commences and once the rooting process is done, you will get a pop up stating that the device has been rooted successfully as shown in the below image.

Super one click

So, in this way you have successfully rooted your device. Please note that as soon as the rooting is done, you will see another icon in your list of applications which is the Super user or the CWM. If you are unable to see these applications, you need to download and install the Clock Work Mod recovery application from the Android Market Place.

Credits : SuperOneClick

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