`` Root Motorola Atrix 4G on 4.5.141 Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware

How to Root Motorola Atrix 4G on 4.5.141 Gingerbread 2.3.6 Firmware

Procedure to Root Motorola Atrix 4G on 4.5.141 Firmware:

  • First up you need to Download Fast boot Files for Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone from here to your computer. Double click on “adb” and then on “moto-fastboot” icon so as to open the same in your computer as this will install all the essential tools in your computer.

extracted files Moto Atrix 4G

  • Now, you need to turn Off your device to enter the device in the fastboot mode which you can do by pressing the Volume Down button and Powering ON the device.
  • After this, you need to connect your phone to the computer with the help of original USB Cable.
  • In your computer, open the Command Prompt and enter the below mentioned commands one after another after giving the gap of a minute or till the command gets processed,


moto-fastboot.exe flash preinstall preinstall.img

  • Now, press the “Volume Up” key to start the fastboot protocol after which you need to type in the command as “moto-fastboot.exe reboot” and hit on Enter.
  • After this, your phone will be rebooted. Wait for the phone to get rebooted and then you need to type in the command as “adb shell” and press enter and wait till the shell gets restarted.
  • Now, type in “/preinstall/dosu” and press enter to process the command. If the command refuses to process, enter the below mentioned commands one after another,

“/bin/mount -o remount,rw /system”
“cp /preinstall/su /system/bin/”
“chmod 6755 /system/bin/su”
“PATH=/system/bin:$PATH pm install /preinstall/Superuser.apk”

  • After all the commands which are mentioned above, it’s now time that the phone should be rebooted by selecting the appropriate option in your device by using the Volume and Power button.

Tip: Just in case if the device is not rooted successfully or say if the process gets stuck at any point of time then you need to re follow the whole procedure from the start so as to root the device.

So, congratulations you have now successfully rooted your device by following the simple instructions mentioned above. Do share with us in the comments section just in case if there are any issues as we will try our level best to sort out the same.


  1. hi, is it a must to have at&t 2.3.4 gingerbread, or any original gingerbread 2.3.4 will suit this upgrade?

  2. The link to hotfile has been taken down, any suggestions?

  3. Thanks very much for this guide!

    For anyone having trouble, I have a few comments about the above. However, first please realize that while I have a couple of decades of IT experience, I’m extremely ignorant of Android, Linux, and much else, so take this with that caveat.

    First, I didn’t catch that moto-fastboot-win32 was intended to be deposited in C: — that’s essential unless you point your command prompt elsewhere in later steps.

    Second, I believe the part above that reads


    Should instead read

    cd moto-fastboot-win32

    Third, /preinstall/dosu didn’t work for me, but /preinstall/su did.

    Fourth, I got the “file already exists” error, but I forged ahead and by the end was rooted anyway. I suspect that part got accomplished in one of my previous four or five rooting attempts using a different tool.

    I was able to determine the device was successfully rooted by using an Android terminal app, typing in “su,” and seeing that I got a # prompt along with a friendly message about someone having requested superuser access and was that OK with me?

    I hope these notes are useful to others if anyone’s running into trouble.

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