How To Root Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 on Gingerbread Firmware

Pre Requisites:

  • In the due course of the rooting process, there are chances that you may lose all the data which is there in the phone. Please note that this data includes the SMS, Contacts and also other data like the images and videos. So, it’s recommended to create a backup of all these so that these can be restored back in case of deletion. Though this consumes bit of an extra time but this step is of a great respite when the data gets deleted.
  • To back up the videos, songs and images you can move all these into your SD Card which can be then removed from the phone till the process of rooting is finished so as to safeguard the data from getting corrupted. To backup as well as restore your contacts and SMS you can refer the below mentioned links.

Procedure to Backup and Restore SMS,

Procedure to Backup and Restore Contacts,

Procedure to Backup and Restore Images, Videos etc.

  • Note that the minimum battery backup should be more than 90% so as to facilitate proper rooting process and also ensure that the KIES has been updated with the latest version which is the KIES 2 version as a minimum and also close the Antivirus solution till the rooting process is completed.
  • For applying the rooting process, you will be requiring a computer or laptop which comes with a minimum of USB 2.0 slots along with the administration rights privilege. It has been found that many users were having the issues about the Port not getting opened, so this step needs to be followed strictly. So, let’s proceed for the instructions which you can find the same in the next page.
  • Also, to note down the APN as well as MMS Settings which are responsible for the internet access as well as for sending MMS Settings then from this path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names” you can note down all the settings by tapping on the MMS, GPRS or 3G Settings. As soon as the rooting process is done, you can then configure these settings again if these are lost in the process of rooting. So, in the next page, let’s proceed to the instructions to root Samsung Galaxy Ace S 5830 handset.

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