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How to Root Samsung Galaxy EPIC 4G D700 on Gingerbread 2.3.x Firmware

Samsung Epic 4G LogoFor all those who have updated their Samsung Epic 4G D700 device with the latest version of Gingerbread 2.3.4 can now breathe easy as now in the due course of the article we will see on how you can easily root your Epic 4G phone. While if you are still surprised on how you can most out of rooting then you will be happy to know that rooting allows you to customize the phone the way you always wanted to use the phone. If you root the phone then you can easily update with the custom ROM which we will see on how you do the same only on androidadvices.com.

Please note that applying this rooting procedure will void the warranty, though the warranty can be reclaimed as soon as you apply any of the update on your phone as then it will revoke the root access after which you can then reclaim the warranty. Please note that the rooting process which we will be checking out is only valid for all those which are on the Gingerbread operating version of Android. You can check out the version of firmware on which you are on from the path Settings > About PHONE > Firmware version. If you see any of the Froyo 2.2 version then you need to firstly update the version to the Gingerbread before proceeding to the next step.

If you ask us to briefly mention on what will be the benefits then we have made it crispier and simple for you as rooting will provide you to enjoy below mentioned facilities:

The main advantages of Rooting are:

  • Customization like Voodoo as well as Clock Work Mod Recovery,
  • Allows you to convert laggy RFS file system to faster EXT4,
  • Custom Firmwares can be installed on rooted phones which we will see soon on androidadvices,
  • Allows you to remove the system applications which you feel you don’t require.

Note: We should not be held responsible or liable in any manner in whole or in parts if anything wrong happens with your device, though which is a very unlikely if you follow the instructions which are mentioned in the article.

So let’s proceed and see in the due course of the article on what are the list of pre requisites you need to follow and then followed by the instructions to root the phone in the simplest possible manner.

Pre Rooting Instructions:

  • There is a chance of losing all the data which is stored in the phone memory, so it’s important to ensure that all the data is backed up. To backup the data you will have to note that you backup all the data which is mentioned below so that just in case if you lose the same then you can easily restore it.

SMS – Use “SMS Backup & Restore app”,
ContactsSync with the Gmail application,
Call Log - Call Log and Restore
Songs, Videos, Files – Copy to internal / External SD Card,
APN and MMS Settings – Note down from the path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

  • Before you proceed to the rooting of the device, ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of KIES in your computer and also ensure that your PC / Laptop is powered with a minimum of Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 along with the open USB 2.0 ports with the Admin privileges. Without having the above infra if you still proceed then you will be messing up with the phone as phone will be dead if any of the above conditions are not matched.
  • Ensure that the phone is charged to the minimum of 60% so as to just ensure that the phone doesn’t get turn Off in the middle of the rooting process.
  • Please ensure that you only use the files which you download from androidadvices.com and downloading files from any other sites won’t be provided with the support from our site as it will be difficult for us to know on what exactly you did with non reliable files.

So, let’s proceed to the next page where we will see on how you can root the phone.


  1. Shitty Tut Basher

    Odin back to stock.. !!!

  2. is it possible to undo this it is not bootin back up

  3. This process WILL NOT work on your Epic D700 phone. It does instead damage the OS. DO NOT proceed with this if you have the Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4g D700.

  4. This process WILL NOT work on your Epic D700 phone. It does instead damage the OS. DO NOT proceed with this if you have the Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4g D700.

  5. I finally was able to get Odin to connect and install the files and when I rebooted it, I am stuck on Samgung start up screen. I cannot go back to download mode. It is stuck. Any advice?

  6. this is an utter failure from the author, and moderators. It is stupid to leave this post specially because of the numbers of complains about this failing. your moderators suck big dick

  7. @Josh: Did you find a solution that works?


  8. DEAR GOT THANK YOU ALL FOR THE COMMENTS, I was about to root the Epic phone and read all your comments, this entire page should just be removed because if the creator has to “look into” the issue, theres something wrong,and with this post still being up with no fixes, im sure he has placed this up to mess with peoples phones. going else where

  9. This isn’t for the S or EPIC it’s for, it seams, the TOUCH.

  10. Yes I tried to root my epic 4g 2.3.6 with odin using the tar file but all it says is failed.

  11. It should have been clear from the syntax and style employed to write the article, that the author is a nitwit.

  12. hijo de puta me congelaste la pantalla
    y ahora mi sistema ya no funciona
    gracias puto de mierda…
    no se como puedes dejar este articulo abierto
    no seas mierda y ahora resuelvelo..

  13. I just have the phone freezeed on me after trying rooting it. It struck on Samsung logo, after trying pressing some buttons ( volume /camera/ power) now it changed to recovery mode and struck there. I saw it happened to some other people. Please help me how I can go back. This is urgent request. Please help. Thanks a billlion!!!!!

  14. I too have the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G, AND THE CURRENT FIRMWARE FOR THIS SPH-D700 is 2.3.6 W/ Gingerbread.EL30.
    Any ideas folks ?? on rooting this ?? If I wind up not being able to root this device, I will have to return it and get a device I CAN ROOT.

  15. I had the \hung on Samsung\ screen issue that many of you are reporting. I had to do the following:

    Install ACS recovery using Odin.
    Boot into recovery mode using Vol Down+Cam+Pwr; release pwr then the other two.
    Installed CM9, which gives you root.

    Specifically, I went back and did a factory reset through ACS, and wiped the dalvik cache, then reinstalled CM9 Alpha 2 for the Epic 4G, and installed the new Google Apps.

    If you want more specific direction, just email me. it’s impossible to communicate without links to the files in question. Anyway, I’m now running ICS 4.0.3 on my Epic 4G, and it’s insane.

  16. Really guys? For everyone who is still complaining about this article you guys really need to read the comments first then you could of saved yourself the headache. Plus on Nov 26th I posted a comment with instructions on how to find the videos on how to root your samsung EPIC 4G, not just plain epic phone like this article is talking about. you gotta read people, we can only hold your hand for so long.

  17. To the stupid person who posted this article….the instructions lead to you ruining your phone. Is this supposed to be funny? You say “we are working on this!” but you leave the bad instructions up??

  18. Author, you stupid idiot. This will cause a bricked phone. Moron.

  19. Sorry Pradeep, take this article down. Your instructions cause the phone to get stuck on the SAMSUNG boot screen. Thanks. I’m rolling back with stock Gingerbread.

  20. I get same issue, odin reboots phone & freezes at samsung boot screen, epic 4g SPH-D700 with gingerbread 2.3.4 Thanks. Why don’t you fix or remove your instructions? You are causing a lot of headaches for people!

  21. Acutally, this does mess up the phone, because now my Epic 4G is soft bricked and won’t boot past the Samsung screen. Are you planning on fixing this at all? At the very least you should update the title of the article to let others know that there are issues with this so they don’t brick their phones as well.

  22. Well for whatever reason the moderator doesnt like links.

    To find the video to restore your epic 4g back to stock go to google and type in \unroot epic 4g\. its the first video. the video is by youtube user randyshear.

    For the second link I tried that and it didnt work. it just failed. I did find another one after hours of trying different things like gingerbreak, z4root and superoneclick, all didnt work to root gingerbread 2.3.5.
    But this did! Go to google, and search \root gingerbread 2.3.5 epic 4g\. its the first site that came up for me. its in the android forums. go to the third posting down and it has two youtube videos. follow both of those and you will be rooted!! its the only procedure i found that works on gingerbread 2.3.5 for epic 4g.

    hope this helps guys!!
    hope the moderator doesnt edit this posting either, Im just trying to help the people who’s phones were messed up by YOUR unclear tutorial.

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