How to Root Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

Galaxy FIT LogoOne of the most sort of the range smart phones, the Samsung Galaxy FIT which is not only on of the affordable smart phones but also is the smart phone with which you can make the most out of it. So, on the lines of this thought let’s check out on how you can easily root your phone which is Samsung Galaxy FIT S 5670 so that you can then think of possibilities in the form of installing the Custom ROMs as well as in the form of accessing the system level files which otherwise are not accessible without rooting the phone.

The only sad part about this whole process is that rooting basically voids the warranty, though again the best part is that the rooting process which will be employed on this phone is a truly reversible process. Since, it’s a reversible process, you can revoke the root access at any point of time as soon as you follow the procedure to update with the Stock ROM. Please note that this process of rooting is applicable for all the phones which are on Froyo operating system as well as on all the Gingerbread phones across the Globe and also this can be followed by all those whose phones are network locked too.

It’s very important to follow each and every single instruction which is mentioned below. For your convenience, we have broken this article into different pages and also all the download files which needs to be downloaded are mentioned clearly in the procedure section. So let’s check out on what are the list of pre requisites which you need to refer before rooting the phone and then followed by the actual instructions to root the phone are mentioned below.

Pre Root Instructions:

  • So, before you proceed for the actual instructions you need to ensure that all the data which is present in your phone needs to be backed up so that just in case if you lose this data then you will be in a position to restore all of them back.
  • So all in a nut shell you will have to move all your audio, Video and image files to your external SD card and then all your contacts and SMS can be backed by following the below mentioned links.

Procedure to Backup and Restore SMS,

Procedure to Backup and Restore Contacts,

  • Now, ensure that you have a minimum battery of at least greater than 60% as it’s necessary to maintain this limit so as to avoid from the battery calibration.
  • It is very important to note that you have followed all the instructions carefully which includes the disabling of the Antivirus suites in your PC before proceeding to follow the instructions to root the phone.
  • Also, additionally you will have to also ensure that you have noted down all the APN and MMS Settings which are available  in the path of “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names” which then you can note down all the settings by tapping on the MMS, GPRS or 3G Settings. You can restore all these APN as well as MMS settings once the rooting process is finished so as to access the same.

Procedure to Root Samsung Galaxy FIT:

  • So, once you are done with the above instructions, its now time to download the Rooting Package for FIT to your computer. Please note that after downloading this file you need to place the same or transfer the same to the desktop of your PC so that you can easily find the same.
  • Once, the file is downloaded and moved to desktop, you now need to copy the same to your phone. Ensure that you are not placing this file deep into the sub / root folders or else it will be difficult to locate the same. Now, place this file into your phone, you will have to connect the Galaxy FIT S 5670 to the computer using the USB cable which you got at the time of purchasing the phone.
  • As soon as the file is copied / placed successfully into the phone, you will then have to remove the USB cable and then you will have to turn Off the phone so that you can then enter into the recovery mode so that the rooting file can be executed. To enter the recovery mode, you will have to press the Menu Button and then you will have to Press the Power button simultaneously to enter into the recovery mode. Also, additionally note that if the device boots in the normal mode with the home screen then you will have to again switch off the device and retry the process.
  • Next up in the recovery mode, you will have to choose the option of “update from SD card” after which you will then have to select the file which you placed the same in your phone which is having the name of “”. Choose the same and then the process of rooting will be initiated. Please ensure that in the process of rooting there will be incidents like screen flickering and your device may also be restarted in the process of rooting, so don’t panic and interrupt the process of rooting.

Galaxy S Recovery Mode

  • So, as soon as the rooting is finished, you need to select the option of “reboot system now”after which the phone will be rebooting. After the phone reboots, you will find applications like the Superuser which is in the Skull shaped icon and also another application called CWM which is nothing but the Clock Work Mod Recovery application. Just in case if these two apps are not there in the applications, then that means the rooting was not done successfully and you need to repeat the above process again.

That’s it, so now you have successfully rooted the Galaxy FIT. Do, let us know just in case if you face any issues while rooting the phone in the comments section below.


  1. I rooted my mobile and one app showes with name superuser.but i am still not able to my app to sd card.pls help me.

  2. yes, it says that

  3. it say that no such file found,what can i do now..

  4. can u add a custom rom to the phone without installing cwm.,??

  5. i got nly superuser… cwm does it mean that its not rooted

  6. I could not root my Galaxy fit! when i chose the option “update from SD Card”, it was telling me that there was no directory named as such. Please what can i do about that, i will really appreciate your help. Thanks

  7. Can u please post a guide on unrooting the phone..and i am running adnroid 2.3.6…can i still use this guide to root my phone..
    Thanks in advance

  8. dont follow these steps listed above these guys dont know how to root a phone…i had followed these steps and got my phone bricked thank god that it was in warrenty….for rooting process a phone take at-least 10 to 15 mins but by this site method it finishes in only 2 second how could this be possible and also after rooting you only superuser app not cwn and if you tried to install cwn from rom manager app recommonded by these genius guys you will surely brick your phone as i had done the same…..these guys dont know a shit about rooting……thats for sure…….

  9. anybody please help me my fit is not turning on….

  10. sir help me as my phone is not turning on after i install rom manager and flash my cwm ….please help me….

  11. hi,
    cannot root because it shows error while selecting sd card…..what to do

  12. Hey Pradeep Neela, the rooting method u mentioned here is for android gingerbread 2.3.x. not for froyo. SuperOneClick worked 100% for froyo but not this method.Do U know, that this method can brick the froyo phones??

  13. i rooted my phone n also downloaded rom manager bt wen i downloaded new fonts n my phone started to reboot it never switched on plz tell me what to do i need help its not switching on ….. help…

  14. Dear Pradeep Neela, the method you have adviced is only for gingerbread not for froyo. I have successfully rooted my galaxy fit froyo with SUPER ONE CLICK v2.3 on yesterday. And also, to all readers, please do not install rom manager for froyo devices especially for galaxy fit froyo for installing custom roms. It will brick your device. Also, galaxy fit is not listed in the list of rom manager (till known).

  15. omkar manwadkar

    sir i hve rooted my phone sucssesfully….now if i again want to go reverse to apply for warranty what to do?

  16. hiii Pradip Neela
    i have just rooted my galaxy fit running on 2.3.6 gingerbread. after rooting i have only “SUPER USER” app bt not CWM. Then i installed “ROM MANAGER” app(free) from android market and then i tried to install CWM from it bt my phone’s model was not listed in the list. plzz tell me how to install CWM ????????????

  17. yar its not working… shows no such file found ….wathe i past the downloaded file on s.d card

  18. hello sir
    i have samsung galaxy fit 2.3.6 version , and i want to root my phone .once i have rooted my phone and i get my phone bricked due to rong cmw install .now i buy new phone and i want to root again but now i apply your step carefully twice and thrice , i get the superuse icon in my app list but when i use root checker soft it says your phone is not rooted and i use other app it said you device is not rooted , please help me how to get root again

  19. I installed the CWM with ROM Manager, but when I pressed “Backup”, the phone turned off, and I can`t turn on, I can`t go to recovery mod too. It`s bricked? If yes, how can I fix it? PLS HELP ME!

  20. sir i have done rooting process successfully but i have got only superuser application in my device, i didn’t got cmw is that mean my mobile is rooted ar not please help me thank you..

  21. i have rooted the phone but still applock is not working.

  22. Dear Pradeep Neela, can you please tell.. if “lock free or lock or protector or applock” or anyother application like this working correctly on version 2.3.6?
    since i have upgraded it to 2.3.6, all other applications except APPLOCK are working fine. but any application with locking feature is not working in 2.3.6. ( though these apps are installed correctly but after installation not locking any application.)
    please guide. thanx in advance.

  23. i am from 2.2 to 2.3.6

    • Dear Ahmad! can you please tell.. if “lock free or lock or protector or applock” or anyother application like this working correctly on version 2.3.6?
      since i have upgraded it to 2.3.6, all other applications except APPLOCK are working fine. but any application with locking feature is not working in 2.3.6.

  24. i got update for it . ………… by the company itself i gone from 2.2 to 2.3.6

  25. I have updated my fit to version 2.3.6 through samsung kies. now after rooting all applications are working well, except “app lock, lock pro etc” (any application which lock message, contacts etc). i want to secure my message through lock code but none application with this function is working.
    i have tried ‘lock” application. it installed correctly but after installation it actually not locking message or contact or any other application as it did previously in version 2.3.4
    Can you please help?

  26. not show sd card at time of rooting

  27. i have copy zip file in sd card but not at the time of rooting,,,,,,,,,,,,,,help me`

  28. i want to install cyanogenmod on my phone…in cwm i cant see my phone..wat to do?

  29. I’m planning to update and root my Fit. But, which is better to do first, upgrade to 2.3.6 then root or the other way around? Thanks in advance

  30. How can I enter the recovery mode? I don’t understand -.-

  31. how to install Custom ROMs and how to access the system files in rooted phones

  32. please help how can i change the permission for applications in root explorer.. so that i can move them from phone memory to sd card. please briefly guide about the process. thanks.

    • long press on the file to select the permissions!

      • Actually first time after rooting, all my applications were able to move on memory card. after sometime my ph speed became very Slow so i formatted the ph.. but now none of the application is permissible to move on memory card.. i formatted the phone again, then i tried rooting the phone again but none could help. even i m trying to change permissions through root exploler in every ways. but none is working. (In setting > manage application > ‘MOVE TO SD CARD’ option is not blinked).

        please help, if you can.

    • yes i have installed it but it could not help..
      any other idea???

  33. Thanks a lot in advance in your beneficial solution!! In fact nice offer.

  34. Hey!
    I want to know that if i root my phone can i get paid apps for free?
    Also i want to know how to unroot my phone! Please tell asap :)

  35. 2.2 froyo…..(indian version)

  36. 2.2 froyo…

  37. But How To Apply…
    Download Mode is not working as well.

  38. How to apply stock firmware update????

  39. Dear Neal…… Phone is Switched off and not able to start in any way… not normal Start working,, not recovery mode working,,,
    is there any software to switch it on or to get recovery mode… plz reply as soon as possible

  40. But downloading mode is also not turning on….
    I know the process of updating… But without using downloading mode, how to update it????????

  41. But downloading mode is also not turning on. How can i update it??????

  42. how to update…..?????????????
    Nothing is working………

  43. On galaxy fit of course.! GT-S5670. Have i bricked my phone? I had successfully updated and rooted my phone….
    Have i bricked my phone??? If i did so then tell me what to do now……..

  44. Hey Neal,, I M also facing the same problem……. plz help us to recover our mobile…….

  45. I have the
    Galaxy Fit S5670
    Android Vesion 2.2.1 (Froyo.JPKC1)

    I have tried the to apply the step as describe above, then I got an error message telling me the system could not located the \\ files on the SD card.

    So I change the name of \\ into \\ but I got an other error message. The system located the file but \(Bad)\ was written behind the file.

    Can you help me on this? Thank you

  46. No, my phone is even not able to start. i charged it for sometime and then tried to start but nothing. Recovery and download mode is also not starting.

  47. It‘s nor working for it. I tried everything. PleaSe help me!!!

  48. I downloaded the clockwork recovery mode of dell streak from rom manager. But when i selected the option to backup my current rom, my phone switched off and it is not turning on now. please help me AS fast as possible……

  49. I have installed \MyBackup Pro\ application. it has been granted permission from superuser. but ‘MOVE TO SD CARD’ option in ‘manage apps from setting’ is not activated so i am unable to move this application to memory card. please guide….

  50. thank alot. it helped me to root my phone and uninstall some applications. I had to rename the file to so it can work.
    tnx to comments too.

    thumbs uop :)

  51. Mr. Neal, i have two queries.. please help me out. i have upgraded my phone to v. 2.3 gingerbread through samsung kies… can i root now on this 2.3 gingerbread version through the above process?
    2.please also tell where i have to copy the .zip file….. in memory card or somewhere else.???
    thanks alot again in advance.

    • yes you can root the firmware,
      you will have to copy the zip file to the root of your phone!

      • thank you so much for your guidance. i’ll try this again.

        • Thank you Mr. NEAL. i have done it.
          1.please tell me how i can use superuser??
 to move any installed application from phone memory to memory card. as my phone memory getting very low because most of the applications install on phone memory by default.??

          • you cannot use super user, it will give the permission to the apps which requires the root access!
            you can move that particular app from the manage apps from settings!

  52. Works brilliantly, thanks!

  53. hello sir,
    i had copied the zip file to memory card,,,,(path is: /sdcard/
    then next time i made a folder named “A” & copied zip file in to it (path is: /sdcard/A/
    But in both cases
    when i started ph. in RECOVERY MODE, the 2nd option is (apply sdcard : & when i select this it says,,, [E: can’t open/sdcard/ (no such file or directory) installation aborted.
    kindly guide me (where i have to copy this zip file or if there is anything else.)
    thanks in advance.

  54. Did all the steps, renamed to, showed me that installing from sdcard compelete, rebooted,… nothing! Nothing at all! Nothing!
    I doesn’t work.
    I wonder how you guys saying that it works! I repeated steps several times. Nothing happens guys. No skull Icon, nothing!
    Any Idea?

  55. hello sir,
    when i goes to recovery mode the green screen appear with written as downloading ,no option of update from sd card come,, from out from this condition i have to remove my battery ,, so tell me how i root my phone

  56. hi, i want to root my galaxy fit, i have also copied the zip file to my memory card.. when i go in to recoevery mode.. it asks me to ‘ apply SDcard’ and when i press ok.. it says – (no such file or directory) installation failed’

    pls help.. i am currently on Froyo 2.1…


  57. (Qstn 1) When i tried to go recovary mode in my fit( Long pressing volume up button + Home button + power ON) the below msg screen is displayed. i can’t enter to recovary mode, please help me..

    # RAMDUMP Mode #
    # (ARM9 mode) #


  58. Hi i have a samsung galaxy fit, was running froyo, updated to ZCKP7 gingerbread using your guidelines, and rooted it using this article, now the market app is crashing. on opening it asks me to make a new account, then when i click yes, it just exits. this problem is also seen with gmail and in the accounts tab, there is no option anymore to add a google account.

    i have tried installing the rooting update again, it still does not work.
    I connected it to my computer, but Kies tells me the moble cannot be updated.

    how can I 1- unroot this, please tell me something more specific than install firmware because i am unalbe to do so via kies and

    2- how can i resolve this issue keeping the rooting intact



  59. adobe flash player is not working on my galaxy fit runing on froyo so is thier any by which i can use it after rooting my device ????

  60. while installing clockworkmod from rom manager its not showing my galaxy fit in menu of chosing phone model.pls fix it.

  61. i have put that .zip file which u hav provided but still when i try to run it by clicking on apply sdcard update .zip it shows no file found. why so???????!

  62. Hi,

    I bought Galaxy Fit 3 days back and when i connected it with Samsung Kies first time it said that there is a update and when i clicked yes to update my phone, it took some time and now the OS is gone i guess. The screen is black and nothing is happening. I am in malaysia and Galaxy Fit is not yet launched in Malaysia so i am not able to get is rectified. Can anyone suggest me how can i get my OS back without breaching the warranty ??? quick reply would be highly appreciated as i am not able to use my new phone :(

    Thanks in advance!!

    - Anant.

    • no, dont worry you can visit the Samsung Service centre and tell them the same and will be fixed for FREE if its in warranty!

      • Hi Neal,

        Thanks for replying. But i bought this phone from India and now i am in Malaysia for 6 months, in Malaysia this model is not launched so customer care is saying that i will have to send it to India any idea how can i get my cell repaired.


  63. and in the process the phone isnt finding the file i downloaded. please help me fast!

  64. hey wat if i want to unroot my galaxy fit??

  65. why to root, if we don’t have custom roms?

  66. I tried rooting my Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 using the steps above..but could not get CWM Application…What do I need to do?? Can you please provide another .zip file which helps solving this issue?

    (NOTE: I had Froyo installed on my mob. Before rooting, I SUCCESSFULLY, updated OS to Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware using steps given on your site)

  67. wats the use of rooting the phone?

  68. wats the use of rooting the phone?
    do it voids warranty?

  69. Plz give me zip file to unroot this device….fast pleasee..!

  70. Hi,

    I wanted to root my phone Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S-5670 OS – Froyo DDKB1 and also want to upgrade to the Gingerbread latest version.

    So I have two questions

    1. What should I do first- rooting or upgrading.

    2. Is it possible to upgrade to Gingerbread though Samsung officially.

    Please help me.

  71. which is the latest gingerbird version for samsung galaxy fit s5670?

  72. if i root the phone will i be able to download all the paid applications in android market for free ???

  73. Hi,

    The phone was rooted successfully with this procedure. Thanks a lot for this guide.
    But one thing i noticed is after rooting, I was able to find the “SuperUser” app but the “CWM” app is not found. Hence how will I be able to install custom ROMs.

    Kindly clarify.

    Ajai G

    • you can get into the recovery mode to apply the zip file or download ROM Manager app from Market to get back the CWM!

      • Hi Neal,

        I tried the approach of getting recovery mode and apply the zip twice. But the CWM is not getting installed.
        Then I installed the ROM Manager app from market and when selected the option “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery” it is asking for model to chose, but the Samsung Galaxy Fit model is not being listed. Let me know what should I do next?

        Kindly guide me to install the custom ROM..

        Ajai G

      • what should i do i have cynogen 7.1 ,2.3.7 firmware i want to go back to gingerbread 2.3.4…plz reply me AFAP

  74. is rooting a phone important??
    is there any extra feature(s) in a rooted device??!!

  75. hi neal! ive succesfully rooted my phone but it only displays the SuperUser Icon. anyway, some of the applications remain in my phone memory, i dont know why it doesnt have an option to move to SD.
    Would you know why i cant moved them? Many thanks! :)

  76. Any responses frm dose who rooted thru dis process??
    Is dre any risk of getting phone bricked??
    Nd hw to unroot my cell den?
    Plss reply….

  77. i just applied the update and switched the phone off …but it wont start agn ?

  78. i have bricked my phone…what should i do?

  79. Hi. i have a galaxy fit S5670L, update via kyes to gingerbread 2.3.4 now I want to get root, but in this metodo give an error /tmp/sideload/ status 7 and with superoneclick im stuck in step # 6… I really want to root my phone… maybe I make a mistake ungrading to 2.3.4 before get root or I dont know please help… I just want to instal script in opera to use cuevana… plz heplme… and thanks

  80. Darshpreet Singh Gulati

    I have bought my new Galaxy Fit 2 days ago.
    Pls tell me more benefits of rooting.
    Can I access all the paid and free apps of the market for free?
    I have phone memry and RAM problem. Will they be solved?
    I cannot play 720p or 1020p videos on my mobile. Can they be played after rooting?
    And the last one if I unroot my mobile will I get my warranty back?

    Thanks in advance.
    I likes your website very much.

  81. On my phone i rename in ” ” because on recovery mode don’t find “” on sdcard .
    In 7 sec was finished :)
    For unroot mabe working with a old from another phone without reinstall the firmware .

  82. Hey neel
    unrooting the phone will remain the warrenty
    or it will be void permamantaly.

    • no, WARRANTY WILL NOT BE VOID if unrooted the phone!

    • My phone was not workin and i had even rooted and changed the rom bt when i gave it to service centre they repaired my cell and changed the motherboard as it was in warranty
      So the warranty will not be void even if it is rooted so chiiilllllllllll

  83. If i root my phone and in case i need to unroot it how can i do it??

  84. Can you please tell, where i can find the custom rom for this phone model, as there is not any i can find on the internet

  85. i success fully root my phone but where i download the custom roms
    i downloaded the rom manager premium…………
    but in flash clockwordmod recovery i dont found my phone model??????

  86. thanks….

    my gt5670 is rooted now in XWKQ2

  87. Rooting wud lead to force close several apps and restarting da phone freequently ………

  88. how can i move them…????/ ny applctn for this..?

  89. i tried several times bt only superuser installed ….CWM is not….

  90. Dear

    can u pl elaborate the benefits of rooting the phone in simple language.

    I can’t understand abt…

    “”you can then think of possibilities in the form of installing the Custom ROMs as well as in the form of accessing the system level files which otherwise are not accessible without rooting the phone.””

    and thank u very much for providing 2.3.4………

  91. Dear Sir,
    Well I am using the version of samsung provided, even not yet updated to Gingerbread. So my question is once rooting from this method whetehr i am able to upgrade my phone to gingerbread? or shall I upgrade first to gingerbread? & then can I process this method please suggest me Sir.


  92. Wat is rooting and and wat r its advantages?

  93. can i root my FIT xwkq2 version with this rooting method….nd if i want to unroot then should i got for XWKQ2 reinstall..?