How To Root Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 On Gingerbread JPKP5 2.3.4 Firmware

GalaxyAll those who updated their Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 phones to Gingerbread JPKP5 2.3.4 firmware version can now root their phones easily in few seconds. But, before proceeding for the rooting process, there are few points to consider. The first and most important point about rooting is, as soon as you root the phone then the warranty will get void so please proceed further only if you are not a warranty lover.

Next thing to consider here is your phone should run on Gingerbread JPKP5 2.3.4 firmware, only then you can root your phone. So, please make sure that your phone has the JPKP5 2.3.4 version and if not then update it to enjoy the rooting. In order to find the firmware version OS version of your phone, just go to “Settings-About phone-Firmware version” and check the Android OS version and it has to show JPKP5 2.3.4.

Most of the users have a doubt about the rooting process and also about its advantages. In fact, in the process of rooting, some applications will make changes to the system files in order to give some extra features for the users. Rooting has many advantages and only demerit with this is warranty will void.

Merits of Rooting:

  • After rooting the phone, users can use the tools like Voodoo and CWM.
  • You can convert file system from laggy RFS to faster EXT4.
  • The major advantage of rooting is you can install custom firmware on the phone.
  • Rooting gives access to remove the system applications.

Reclaim warranty:

Just in case if you rooted the phone on JPKP5 2.3.4 firmware version and wants to unroot the phone, then just apply the firmware update procedure of JPKP5 2.3.4 Firmware. But, in case you applied the Voodoo lag fixes then you need to disable it by entering into recovery mode.

Disclaimer: will take no responsibility for your device damage. So, we request you to follow the instructions and procedures carefully in order to avoid any such situations.

For the convenience of the users we have divided this whole article into few pages so that everyone can understand the process easily. In the further pages, you will find the pre-requisites and then the procedure for rooting.

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