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How to Root Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 on Gingerbread XXKPE 2.3.4 Firmware

Turn On Smart Life LogoSo, yesterday we saw on how you can easily update your Galaxy SL I9003 with the Gingerbread XXKPE 2.3.4 Release and now you would want to root your phone so as to further customize your device the way you want to as rooting allows you to access the system level files and then it’s all your play to customize the phone. Please note that rooting voids the warranty, so you better be careful about this, though rooting voids the warranty, there is a way to un root as well.

To un root the device all you need to do is to just update with any of the firmware versions for your phone and then the root access gets revoked and then the warranty reclaims automatically. But before you proceed you will have to ensure that you have the current version of firmware on your Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 as XXKPE. Just in case if you don’t know on how you can check the version then all you need to do is to go to the path Settings > About Phone > Firmware Version where you will find the version of Android OS where it will show XXKPE 2.3.4 version. If any other version name is being shown then that means you will have to update your device with the XXKPE version from the link which is mentioned above.

Rooting ensures that you can enjoy the benefit of the custom ROMs and also other things which you can do with the rooting of a device. If you are a developer then nothing can be better than rooting the device as this opens up your device to a whole new gateway of services and applications as some of the hardcore applications which needs the system files level access requires the rooting access and rooting the device is actually what it needs to satisfy this.

Note: Please note that you will have to reconfigure the APN settings after updating the firmware to access the data services and the Internet services as all the Internet APN settings will be reset. You will have to contact your Service provider to get more info on the APN Settings or alternatively you too can make a note of it. Not to forget also configure the MMS Settings or take down the MMS Settings as this too will need to be re configured after the rooting process. Also, we take no responsibility if you download the files and apply the below procedure to root your phone.

Please ensure that you follow all the below mentioned instructions carefully or else there is a high probability that you may end up bricking up the phone. So, let’s get started with the pre root instructions and then followed by the procedure on how you can root your phone.


  1. Hi Pradeep, 
    can you please update the download link, as its giving page not found error. I was in the middle of upgrading to Cranium, and got stuck here as link is not working..Many thnx in advance.

  2. currently on 2.3.6
    do i need to shift back to ur referred 2.3.4 in order to root or may i proceed with this only..

  3. my i9003XXKPE is going to kernal panic upload mode every minute!
    pls help fast

  4. the link to download the xxkpe rooting package seems to be broken or not working.pls fix fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hello pardeep,
    im not able to root my phone plz plz plz help me can you give me ur mailing add plz,

  6. Hello Pradeep Sir,
    i have this problam when im trying to root my galaxy GT-I9003 phone that time i unable to do that. also when i try use to rom manager that time i got this messege. (you must root your phone for room manager to function.
    superuser was not fount at “/system/bin/su” or “/system/xbin/su”.
    use google search on your computer to find
    instruction to root your phone.) sip i dnt know what happend this. i bought this phone 10 days before plz plz plz sir help me
    im waiting to u.

  7. hi there.. thanks for the tutorial..
    can this root method work on custom rom gingerbread based?

  8. Hi again! Sorry for annoying you but I can’t see that there is improvements for the download issue. May you fix the problem because I really need this! Thank you very much! It will be the best if you can tell me the exact time of solving the problem.

  9. Please check if the download link is dead because I cannot download anything from this site. THank you!

  10. I am trying to download the rooting package since yesterday but the link seems to be dead. the explorer ends up with message “page not found ” or time out. please rectify the problem.

  11. how do i unroot my phone?

  12. Tried following the exact procedure mentioned. But in my case, the rooting process is getting stuck at 3rd step that happens after click of Start button which says \SetupConnection\. I have waited for long time but none of my tries gave any success. I’m STUCK !!

    Your inputs are much appreciated.


  13. A small window keeps popping up saying that it has fsiled to install device drivers how do i fix it?

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