How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500 – Tutorial

Procedure to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P 7500:

  • So, as soon as you install the drivers of Samsung Galaxy Tab from the link in the previous page, you will have to install the same on your device and on completion of this just all you need to do is to reboot the device.
  • As soon as you reboot the Galaxy Tab, plug the USB cable so that you connect the Galaxy Tab with the computer which has been loaded with the required drivers and Windows 7 preferably and not Mac as this rooting procedure is not for Mac.
  • Once you connect the Tab with the computer, download the Root Exploit Zip File application in your computer and ensure that you are not extracting the files in any manner as this will split the files and eventually all the rooting files will be scattered in your computer and ensure that you are not playing with the renaming or re placing the file other than to the default location as by doing this the files will not be detected. For your convenience and to get away with any sort of issues, we haven’t set any sorts of password to this file. Now, as soon as you download this file in your computer all you need to do is to just place this file to your Galaxy Tab. Note that you don’t lace the zip file internally in any of the sub folders and also don’t rename the file in any manner or else it will not detect the Zip file and eventually the tablet will not be rooted.
  • Now, open the command prompt window which you can do by clicking on the Start button and search for the “Command Prompt” to find the same after which type in the command which is shown below or else you can also alternatively open the Command Prompt by going to Run and then simply type as “cmd” and hit on the “Enter” key. As soon as you hit on the Enter key, you will see that the Command prompt will get started.
  • Now, just type the below mentioned command in the Command Prompt window,

adb push /sdcard/

Rooting Command in CMD

  • After this, just type in the below command,

adb reboot recovery

ADB Root Recovery
Now, you will see that the phone will be entering in the Recovery mode where all you need to do is to just select the zip file which you have placed in your Samsung Galaxy Tab after which you will see that the rooting process will be initiated and within a span of 5-10 minutes the device will be rooted.

Do let us know if you face any issues while rooting in the comments section below and just in case if the rooting doesn’t happen after following the above option then you can just re follow the above instructions again from the start so as to facilitate the rooting process again.If due to some reasons you are unable to root your Galaxy Tab then you can also try using the method of Z4 Root method which may root your Galaxy Tab.

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