Samsung to add Iris scanner to its upcoming mid-range Android phones

With Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has launched its most awaited security system Iris scanner to the market and it is being talked widely. As of now, it is working correctly, and we hope it gets better with future updates. So it’s quite sure that the other high-end smartphones by Samsung will get this feature. And as per reports few other brands also trying to bring this to their flagships. We will talk about this more later as we get to know more about this.

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To explain briefly, this system needs a smartphone to have an IR Led and an IR Camera to scan your Iris to start the authentication process. And users can use this interchangeably along with other authentication process. We will cover more on how this works later.

Samsung is getting advantages as Android being weak regarding providing security to its users, and if this new security system works well with Android APIs, then we can all expect this is coming to most smartphones gradually.
And as per DJ Koh, the president of Samsung mobile, it is the most secured security system a smartphone can have which is also coming to mid-range Samsung phones later. And we expect it sees it by the end of this year. It will be an added security layer besides its fingerprint scanner. It could be connected to different apps to lock files and folders and to authorise banking transactions. And consequently, it could replace the password system in near future when we wouldn’t have to remember multiple passwords for multiple accounts. Though I would prefer this security system as an optional feature because it should only be used where necessary.

Using this for each and every app, where authentication needed wouldn’t make sense to me. But only time will tell what this technology has in its store, who knows few years down the line we might find this technology using in other gadgets like wearable devices as well where security is required. What do you guys think of it being added to mid-range phones and for what purposes it should be used?

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