Samsung Aims to Sell Million Phones Every Day in 2012 – Report

SamsungFor Samsung Electronics the year 2011 has been a dream year, thanks to Android platform that has helped then to surpass results. Samsung has sold 325 million handsets this year with both Samsung Galaxy S and S II with 30 million handsets sale. Among the top end smartphones which were sold during the year 2011 are Galaxy S, Galaxy Ace and Galaxy S II.

The South Korean leading phone manufacturer, Samsung Electronics targets to raise its global mobile sales by 15 percent in the coming year i.e., its expecting that it will sell around 374 million devices in 2012. This will bring Samsung in close race with Nokia.

Samsung surpassed Apple in terms of devices sold in third quarter of 2011 thanks to quick sales of Galaxy S phones. The Finnish handset gaint Nokia’s handset sales will shrink by 5 percent in 2012 due to adoption to Windows Phone platform against the hard hitting Android platform. Though Nokia Lumia 800 has been of little interest to the consumers, Nokia has to think of their strategy.

Samsung Galaxy S III

This would be mean that by 2013 Samsung may become the leading phone manufacturers and if everything goes fine it may go well ahead of Nokia by quarter 4 of 2012. For Samsung to happen that, it should manufacturer a phone like Galaxy S which set the platform in 2011.

For Samsung the platform is set with Galaxy S II phone, Galaxy R and upcoming Galaxy S III phone.

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