Samsung to Bundle Lookout Antivirus in their Android Phones After a Deal

Samsung is expected to make an announcement on Wednesday that it is dealing with Lookout Antivirus company to take security as a priority in their Android smartphones and they are going to bundle the antivirus app directly in the upcoming devices, and they would be licensing the Lookout’s anti-malware suit for the upcoming phones. There is no update on whether the current Samsung devices would get an OS update with the Lookout app being sent through that, but the new ones would surely be seeing the security app as a part of the bloatware.

For those who take security of the smartphones seriously, this could be a good news but for many, these security apps are just the battery drainers and the RAM eaters. If the phones don’t have the risky apps installed in them, the risk is always low and the need of such security apps is not much, but when you are a careless user who keeps installing apps without checking for the authenticity of them and allowing 3rd party apps which usually come with malware, Samsung is doing something right for you to keep the device safe.

Lookout Antivirus Samsung

Earlier to this, the US carriers such as T-Mobile and Sprint have done such deals with the security companies to provide a layer of security without prompting the users to keep the device secure, but this time an OEM taking an initiative can grab some attention, but in both the ways – as Samsung’s TouchWiz interface already comes with a huge bloatware where around 3 App pages are filled already when the device is taken out of the box and started for the first time, and the Lookout app can just add to it.

But if you are too concerned about all this, and just wished that Samsung doesn’t get this done, ignore the fact and just disable the app in your smartphone when it comes, because the bloatware apps cannot be removed like those apps which you download from the Play Store. As per Wall Street Journal’s reports, Samsung is likely to make an announcement soon, and this being the largest Android smartphone manufacturer in the world, might be taking a right step by making the Lookout anti-malware suit pre-installed in the devices.

More than this though, one would be looking out for the announcement of the Galaxy Note 3 that is to launch today in a few hours from now, and who knows, the conference could include the announcement of the deal with Lookout too.

Source: WSJ

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