Samsung Flexi-Screen Phones & Foldable AMOLED Screen in 2012

For Samsung Electronics the year 2011 marks them as the bigger brand and brings them in competition with Apple. The Samsung team has announced that they are aiming to launch the new flexi- screen handset in the middle of the next year.

Flexible screen is quickly becoming the every manufacturer’s choice and all of them are back for bringing this into reality. For the consumers this is something good to hear and they would like to have such devices in the future.

samsung flexible screen

Samsung showed us earlier the foldable phone with AMOLED display and it can even work after 1,00,000 folds. The prototypes featuring flexible screens have been showcased by Nokia during the Nokia World event which was held in London during the last week and Sony Corporation too recently presented the developing version of the same technology.

Remembering the concept phones by Nokia, Kinetic Device and humanized phone have no news or updates since their rumours. Nokia gave no clear indication whether those handset will make into market but Samsung are the first to provide estimated release dates.

Well, this is just the starting of concept phones coming to near reality. In the coming months we expect more news and information.

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