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Is Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus an iPhone 3G Clone? Photo Comparison

The legal activity around the Android continues between Samsung and Apple. Both the titan are hitting neck to neck over hardware and product design lawsuits. The Apple was one of the biggest vendor to South Korean LCD specialist and iPad screen itself was the Samsung’s product. Another one which is just hinting to Apple is the newly announced Galaxy Ace Plus which bloggers writes as the clone of iPhone 3G.

To put up Galaxy Ace Plus is with upgraded processor clocked at 1 Ghz and has 3.65 inches capacitive touchscreen display along with 5 mega pixel camera and uses the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. Read the full specifications of Galaxy Ace Plus. The iPhone 3G which looks exactly the same launched two and a half year ago was the Apple’s best release. To put it up in simple words, Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is mostly looks like iPhone 3G.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

iPhone 3G

Yes, you can say that both the devices look same as square shaped but there are a lot of things which differs between the two devices. And importantly having a rectangular shape curve design is not Apple patent. Here is what the differences that we can see between the two devices –

  • The Galaxy Ace Plus looks larger
  • Camera is in the center of the back
  • It has speaker on the back unlike iphone 3G
  • Light sensor on the front side
  • Galaxy Ace Plus has longer speaker grill
  • Square home button
  • No button on top, buttons present on right side
  • It includes flash whereas iPhone 3G doesn’t (Difference in software)

This discussion is just beyond parody because neither Galaxy Ace Plus is released either iPhone 3G is discontinued now. Is it Samsung trying to prove that Apple can’t own rights to design of all touchscreen, smartphones with curved edges design and black color mobile phones. So guys this topic is up for discussion via comments. What do you think it’s a mere coincidence or it’s a copycat technique? Leave your thoughts via comment and we would like to hear them!

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