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Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830I Android 2.3.6 OTA update in India

The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830I is big hit and it’s among the top selling Android Smartphones after Galaxy S, S II and Galaxy Note. Good news for the Galaxy Ace users in India as there is an Android 2.3.6 update available for them. This is an official release from Samsung and the users should be able to update it Over the Air. This upgrade will update Android version to Android 2.3.5 and if you are on 2.3.5 then you can directly proceed with the software.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

This update is available via OTA and you don’t require any connection to Samsung KIES. If you are on GPRS please make sure that you switch over to Wi-Fi as it may cost you much for the download of the software file.

There is no official change released by Samsung in this update and we are sure that this will fixes bugs from the previous version and it will provide few improvements and enhancements. This update will delete contacts, call logs, phone memory storage files and we recommend you to back it up before you update. In some cases you might receive notification of this update on your device, if you have received such follow the onscreen instructions and update with the same. If you have not received any such then you can check it manually. To do that follow the path of home screen and hit Menu > Settings > About Phone > System update and click on Android update. Your update will be automatically be installed on your handset and you would be able to use your handset within 10 minutes.

To check the software version on your device after update you need to go to Home Screen tap on Menu > Settings > About phone and check the Android version present on your handset. It should show Android 2.3.6 after the update. Do let us know about your experience after the firmware upgrade. If you wants to get Ice Cream Sandwich overlay on your Galaxy Ace, although officially Samsung has announced that Galaxy Ace will not receive ICS update as hardware is not compatible you can install Styled Custom ROM and have a fell of Android 4.0. For your information Galaxy Ace successor is arrived in the form of Galaxy Ace Plus and do check it out its specifications.


  1. Also,, i bought my phone from Delhi.. So it should also be an indian version.. Then why it is not S5830I..??

  2. Even i haven’t received any update notifications in Kies… I doubt that it will be only available for S5830I.., as i have S5830…

    Does Anybody here has got the 2.3.6 update for S5830??

  3. Hi ,
    i bricked my galaxy G 5830 to gingerbread 2.3.3 android, baseband S5830XXKPE, kernal version #1
    using odin software as mentioned in your other articles, now
    I want it to be upgraded to 2.3.6…help me
    looking forward to your reply

    faraz ahmad khan

  4. These isnt any update for India I belive, check even with the service centre they have the latest firmware as 2.3.4 can some one help how to maually upgrade to 2.3.6

  5. check SAMFIRMWARE.COM,then click on FIRMWARES,then type in the search box GT-S5830…….now a list of all firmwares from around the world will be displayed…..there will be 3 indian firmwares including DDKC1(2.2.1), DDKQ5(2.3.4) and the latest one released in January 2012 is XXLA2(2.3.6)…..click on the download button(easily visible) and you will be directed to this link…….i am providing this link directly for impatient users>>>>>>
    this is android 2.3.6 for galaxy ace indian version released on 21 january 2012

  6. Hi guys, greetings from Bogota (Colombia)!

    I tried this on mi Galaxy Ace (GT – S5830L) and now I got 2.3.6 version with kernel and compilation GINGERBREAD.UBPKP. So far it seems the same to me, with home screen handling enhancements (now it won’t get stucked on the las or first home screen) and some on screen advise when reaching top and bottom of menus, but it’s the same performance, to me it seems to consume more battery than expected but i’m already used to that so if you guys have something else to add it will be awesome.

    Thanks in advance, hope you guys get 2.3.6 version soon.


  7. I connected my phone to kies and get an error ‘Your device does not support software upgrading via kies’.
    I’m currently running on ddkq6 2.3.4 indian version.
    Please Help

  8. Is the indian version of s5830 known as s5830i or is it a different model whole together?

  9. How do i know if my phone is s5830i or not?
    I live in india

  10. Hi, I have Ace upgraded to 2.3.4 Gingerbread. I tried to upgrade it to 2.3.6 in WIFI through Menu > Settings > About Phone > System update and click on Android update. But it says no upgrade available. plz advice.

  11. I think the update is for s5830I and not for s5830. Can anyone please confirm?

  12. i am unable to update ace to 2.3.6 through air or kies i had used odin multi downloader to update to 2.3.5 . so if there is any solution for this plese reply me.!!!!!

  13. cant get updates on my DDKQ6 IND version ace !!

  14. i am using DDKQ6 IND version still no updates are found on my phone !! hlp

  15. The update is available for s5830i only not for s5830 yet!!!

  16. i have android 2.3.4 ddkq6 checking for updates and it shows no update is available….check out

  17. Ya its available……and my phone showing it…..but anybody would tell me what is the size of update file…….?????

    • Not sure of the file size but its more than 100 MB and clearly you should use Wi-Fi to update with this firmware. Between whats Android version you are ON?

  18. Me also showing the same. No updates available.

  19. No update available ota for ddkq6.
    i read somewhere in news that update is available for s5830i
    What is the difference between s5830 & s5830i?

  20. Showing no update for me either on ddkq6.

  21. Checked via manual updating route… still in 2.3.4

  22. Manually checked as advised… no update available so far (present version base band ddqk6; 2.3.4)

  23. Currently using XWKS9. It does not show any updates. Please make it available manually through your website.
    Thank you

  24. No update available yet!!!

  25. showing no update available galaxy ace ddqk6 2.3.4

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