Samsung Galaxy Note Price in India – Rs 34,990 with Free Leather Case

Galaxy NoteIt’s a dream start for Samsung Galaxy Note and as expected from Samsung ‘something new is coming’ when we have the first trailer of Galaxy Note with unknown name. On September 2, 2011 IFA Berlin event the Samsung Galaxy Note was announced making it as the most discussed device of the event.

Exactly after two months of its announcement, the Galaxy Note has been launched in India on November 2, 2011. But Germany users where first to get this handset with its launch on 29th October. Galaxy Note will be launch in various countries through the roll out plans released by Samsung Electronics in Europe till the end of this month.

The Samsung Galaxy Note with dual core 1.4 GHz processor provides faster response and has large screen sized at 5.3 inches Super AMOLED HD capacitive touchscreen display. With large screen and dual core processor the Galaxy Note neither comes in the phone category nor in the tablets comparison. Apart from that Galaxy Note also introduces a new Stylus so called S-Pen which is revolution in the Stylus used in the phone. The S-Pen included in this mobile phone does the smart work as it can be like a write notepad. We have listed 7 reasons why Galaxy Note is the best smartphone as of date. Also we have compared Galaxy Note with Galaxy S II phone & with Amazon Kindle Fire.

Samsung Galaxy Note India Price

The India launch of Samsung Galaxy Note has revealed its price as expected its Rs 34,990 through the event held in New Delhi on November 2, 2011. At the price of Rs 34,990 for Galaxy Note and at a price of Rs 27,500 for Samsung Galaxy S2, which mobile phone would you prefer?

Update: Samsung India is offering free leather case for Galaxy Note for the individual buyers of first one lakhs devices which are sold in India.

And we have a question to the Android Advices Readers – Will you go with the Galaxy Note or wait for the Galaxy S3 phone which is rumored to have 16 mega pixel camera with CMOS sensor.

Update : Galaxy Note is available at a price of Rs 32,500 in India now & with different prices at various other deal online(January 5, 2012).


  1. What is the rate of Samsung ace

  2. friends i.m planning 2 buy a samsung galaxy note.can i go 4r it.
    plz post u r valuable suggestions to me so tht i can get a brief idea abt the above phne

    • Around 1 million Galaxy Note devices were sold within 2 months. That’s the update we have and you can check out various post on Galaxy Note in our blog.

  3. I own Samsung Galaxy Note its awesome phone its features and functions and specially its Spen functionality with apps makes my experience very good but it also Samsung Galaxy Note also giving me some problems i would like to share with you (link removed by moderator)

  4. I have a iPhone 4s 64GB, and I think more or less all smart phones are competitive. I have used sony arc as well and find iphone way too fast when it comes to surfing or downloading content. Even the camera with high definition pics and video is something to reckon for. Siri ….is not built for indian accent, types all gibberish when You say into it… still some way to go ….

  5. Hey Yogesh Patel do you any mobile like Galaxy note ..
    Bcoz i like pen feature in galaxy note
    if you know about other mobile with digital pen just tell me..

  6. Hiii,
    I am going to buy new phone in this month..!
    It will be android based ofcourse but i am confused between S2 || Galaxy Prime || galaxy Note….!
    Which one will be right choice….???

    • Its actually depends on you since all are of different sizes. Its clear that all the three devices are top hand models. Generally Galaxy Note is not the perfect fit in the pocket but it has extra ordinary features. A better advice from us to you is that check all those devices hands on at a mobile store and determine yourself.

  7. Now a days all co. In compitition. Prices are no matter. Absolute these fall down actually we pay for utility which fit for pocket…

  8. hi Nisha,

    Buy DellXCD35.
    Believe me its a value for money device.. better then any other phone in that range.


  9. Hey Kathy, Samsung SII is 4 inch mobile phone and galaxy note is 5 inch Tablet! now you got it?

  10. Price dropped – Rs. 28,490.00

    (Link Removed by Moderator)

  11. Is the price of note likely to come down in the near future? The price tag of 35k is a little daunting!!

  12. we’ll wait for galaxy s3 bcoz galaxy note is so much bigger in size

  13. In my mind Galaxy Note is a taleblazer model that’s so radical and innovative, the S3 sounds rather a blown-up version of S2 or Nexus. What makes Note stands out is not just its configuration, but the creative thinking that’s gone in putting this piece together. For all right reasons I am such a big fan of Note that I would say not only that its is here to stay, but if it won’t, it’s the issue of skewed customer perception and misinformed apprehensions not the issue of the product !
    Hail Galaxy Note ! :-)

  14. It’s all worth having single device and price at 34,990 is justified. If we remove the leather case price of around 2K then its in under 33K. Based on my usage:
    1.) Calling, SMS, eMail check: One need to have a smart phone which would be atleast costing 15-20K.

    2.) Net surfing, Social Connectivity, You tube, books etc.: At least a tablet or mini laptop required, none of them would be less than 20K.

    3.) Multimedia Center (my Favourite): On the go, in car for music, video entertainment, Map Navigation etc. Dedicated multimedia center costs 30K +. This can connect to simple system using aux.

    4.) S Pen gives all new creativity, i could foresee cropping a lot of pictures and posting them on social networks. Taking instance memo from any application at any time (generally during a call). And as the API and SDK will get released, it will be amazing to see the future applications using it.

    5.) Office Productivity: Checking office document on 5.3 screen would be much better and with S Pen providing input would be so nice.

    6.) Pictures and Video: 8MP Camera and full HD video, editing shouldnt be problem with S Pen rather fun. Seeing video on this big screen will be damn good.

    The usage could be endless specially for people like me who are contemplating to buy their next smart device( I am sure galaxy note will change the word ‘smartphone’ to ‘smart device’.

    But surely the people already having high end smartphone (read S2, iPhone 4) wont go for it, they can safely wait for 1 year for this new breed of devices to mature and come up with 2nd gen.

  15. I think Samsung Galaxy Note is a high priced device to be purchased at a price tag of Rs. 34,990 in the Indian market. One can have a smartphone and tablet under the same price tag.

  16. i think we should wait for Galaxy S3

  17. i am planning to buy a new handset
    is galaxy note worth buying
    or should i seek some other alternatives

  18. Could you please suggest me the best Android phone under RS.15,000? I need 5 Megapixel camera and Faster processor for internet needs.

    Thanks a million