Samsung Galaxy R Discontinued – Hardware Issues & Refunds to Customers

Galaxy R PhoneThe day when Samsung sent us the Galaxy R i9103 phone to us for a Review, we were pretty much impressed with this phone because it was the next best phone to the Galaxy S in terms of pricing and features. We even wrote down a detailed Hands-On Review of Galaxy R and also posted a few other articles like Galaxy SII Vs Galaxy R, Increase Battery Life etc

We didn’t expect this to one of the biggest failures from Samsung and didn’t expect them to be silent instead of discussed about the issues around this phone with their customers. For any company, the customers is a king and they always have to ensure that they offer the best service when compared to their competitors but sometimes these companies become so big that they start ignoring their own customers and just run behind success, which is what has happened in this specific case.

When we contacted the Samsung Customer Care we were informed that this device came out with a few issues which was one of the reason why this was stopped from being sold in India while few other contacts informed us that the device was launched with a very limited stock. There is no confirmation on any of these lines which is why we as a customer are always confused on whats the real story behind this while thousands of those who bought this are suffering. Below are the links to their discussions and what they have posted about their devices on different websites.

Samsung is taking back samsung galaxy R

My Samsung galaxy R got Dead. when i approached the service center, They informed me that they will take back the cell. I will get full refund. FYI my cell was completely Dead. The same happened with one of my friend

Samsung Mobile India


Regret the inconvenience caused but we would like to inform you that galaxy R was launched with limited stocks and whatever quantity is available would be with retailers, please check with them for the same. However, alternatively you can check out galaxy S which offers great value with similar features: check the link-

Samsung Team

Sound problems with Galaxy R GT-I9103


I bought a Galaxy R – I9103 4 days back as a gift but I am thoroughly disappointed. From day one, whenever i make or receive any calls i am not able to hear the other person`s voice but they are able to hear me. Seems that if I plug in a headset or i turn on loud speaker the device works fine, but I have not been able to make/take a single call because of this. From what I can tell it seems as though the phone thinks a headset is plugged in all the time.

I have tried restarting, looking for updates (there werent any I could find) but the problem seems to persist. Are there any solutions for this problem? If not, I will try to return the phone. Please advise. – KS
PS : I have already sent an email to “” since I saw this email address quoted on a similar post made by another concerned person a few days back. I do not have any responses to that email address yet.

Galaxy R i9103 Deep Sleep Problem

I have bought galaxy R 3 weeks back. Problem is phone does not respond at all some times.(deep sleep) When I tried calling, i could here the ring from other phone but my phone does not respond at all. Removing battery and reinserting it fixes the issue. But this should not happen at all right?

I have noticed the phone automatically restarts sometime before it goes to deep sleep.

Galaxy R Issues and pathetic after sales service

My Galaxy R is just 15 days old. Started giving problems, sometimes it starts vibrating and it goes on until I pull out the battery. Second, I am using 3G, whenever I use it for downloading, internet stops working every 20-25 minutes, I have to reset data connection or restart the phone, then only it works again. Tried with MTNL & Airtel 3G both. When I use same SIM’s in data card there’s no issue for even once.

Took it to Samsung Care (do they even care?). They just re-installed the firmware, issue still persists as it was before. Hopeless.. This is my third Sammy and one after another issues with each phone. Before this I had Omnia HD (3G Issues, got refund), then Galaxy S2 (Display Issues, got DOA) and now Galaxy R?? What the hell is wrong with your phones? Used Desire HD for one long year, never had a single issue.

problem with Galaxy R GT-I9103

Hi i bought a Galaxy R – I9103 one month back.i works fine but i have one problem.if i listen to the music through 3.5mm audio jack and didn`t close the music player by selecting it and stop the music instead i just pressed the audio jack pause button and removed the jack after that if i make or receive any calls i am not able to hear the other person`s voice but they were able to hear me but if i turn on loud speaker i could hear the voice if turn it off i am not able to hear it.its not going away until i restart the there any solutions for this problem?

Galaxy R – soft reboots every 2 days

I recently (2 weeks back) bought a Samsung Galaxy R; however every 2 days it decides to soft reboot. Considering it’s a brand new launch of Samsung i’m not sure why such an issue has cropped up.

Is Samsung Galaxy R is discontinued from India

Hi, On last Saturday 14 Jan 2012 ,I went to buy Galaxy R, but all dealer are saying this phone is disconnected from Samsung. I love that mobile but it is not available in Mumbai market. I search entire Andheri, Borivali area plus went to 2 Samsung showroom they keep saying Galaxy R is discontinued by Samsung, no reason is provided. Is it because of some fault in device? are they saying truth or stocking for Galaxy R, If all is well about device then I want to buy it asap. Please provide more information about it.
Thanks & Regards, Paresh

Samsung Mobile India

Hi Paresh, We would like to inform you that galaxy R was launched with limited stocks and whatever quantity is available would be with retailers, please check with them for the same. However, alternatively you can check out galaxy S which offers great value with similar features: check the link –
Regards, Samsung Team

In case you want your life turned into hell, the Galaxy R is the product for you

I got myself a Samsung Galaxy R (I 9103) on the 20th of Jan this year and my life has been changed completely.
The Galaxy R, for Rs.22,000 is a great deal. Yes, in case you want your life turned into hell, the Galaxy R is the product for you.

Ever since I bought the cellphone, I’ve made over 20 visits to the service centre due to several reasons.
First of all, the operating system developed glitches and crashed when i tried to turn the wifi on. Had to go to the service point and wait for 3 long hours before the operating system was re-installed (and the so called “samsung experts” weren’t really doing anything, except sipping on their teas).

Next, I noticed that the screen was freezing,flickering and turning off without any apparent reason. The battery was overheating during voice calls lasting more than 5minutes. The softkey lights wouldn’t go out unless the screen was unlocked and locked a couple of times.
All these problems were evident from the day i purchased the handset.

I mailed the customer support team a couple of times but to no avail. All I received was a standard “Please contact the service point” reply.
And the people at the service point initially refused to admit that there was a defect in the handset,saying that there was some error with the memory card even though I did not use any sort of a memory card with the handset. Later, they said there was some problem with the motherboard and the display and both the components had been replaced. So basically, I purchased a Samsung body and a battery for 22000 bucks.

Even after the service, I’ve been suffering with most of the problems mentioned before.

A few days ago, I got to know that Samsung had withdrawn the aforementioned product. And now I’m left wondering if there’s something called social/ethical/moral responsibility of the people at Samsung or all they want to do is mint money through illegitimate means. I mean, selling poor R&D products,withdrawing them from the market and not even replacing the product ( if not compensating) is just too..pathetic! I wish these people at Samsung could really do something about these problems rather than sending those standard repetitive replies.

Samsung Support Team has been linking to the Sales page of Galaxy R but when you click on the Buy Now link it takes you to the homepage of Samsung India eStore and not to any product listings page. Also as per a few threads you can find that its not just hardware issues but also software issues which are linked to the Indian version of the Firmware installed onto this phone. The phone was pretty decent considering it had a great look, decent hardware and a great price of around Rs 19000 in the Indian Market, Samsung should have continued selling it instead of discontinuing the same because most of the customers who have bought this are now in a fix since the service centers are not ready to fix, replace or offer a refund.

The claims of launching this with a limited stock may be false because the phone is still available in other countries and pretty much sold by Samsung itself in US & UK, you can find the same here – Amazon US & Amazon UK. If you have already purchased this device, one suggestion would be trying out different ROM because most of the reports on different discussion forums say that the Indian Firmware was buggy which is why the phone was rebooting, heating up, applications were laggy etc.

We also hope that Samsung would take a serious note about this and either fix all these Galaxy R Phones which are having issues to ensure that their reputation is maintained if not just refund them money and take back these devices.

How many of you have bought this phone and are having issues? Comment below and let us know

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