Samsung Galaxy R Discontinued – Hardware Issues & Refunds to Customers

Galaxy R PhoneThe day when Samsung sent us the Galaxy R i9103 phone to us for a Review, we were pretty much impressed with this phone because it was the next best phone to the Galaxy S in terms of pricing and features. We even wrote down a detailed Hands-On Review of Galaxy R and also posted a few other articles like Galaxy SII Vs Galaxy R, Increase Battery Life etc

We didn’t expect this to one of the biggest failures from Samsung and didn’t expect them to be silent instead of discussed about the issues around this phone with their customers. For any company, the customers is a king and they always have to ensure that they offer the best service when compared to their competitors but sometimes these companies become so big that they start ignoring their own customers and just run behind success, which is what has happened in this specific case.

When we contacted the Samsung Customer Care we were informed that this device came out with a few issues which was one of the reason why this was stopped from being sold in India while few other contacts informed us that the device was launched with a very limited stock. There is no confirmation on any of these lines which is why we as a customer are always confused on whats the real story behind this while thousands of those who bought this are suffering. Below are the links to their discussions and what they have posted about their devices on different websites.

Samsung is taking back samsung galaxy R

My Samsung galaxy R got Dead. when i approached the service center, They informed me that they will take back the cell. I will get full refund. FYI my cell was completely Dead. The same happened with one of my friend

Samsung Mobile India


Regret the inconvenience caused but we would like to inform you that galaxy R was launched with limited stocks and whatever quantity is available would be with retailers, please check with them for the same. However, alternatively you can check out galaxy S which offers great value with similar features: check the link-

Samsung Team

Sound problems with Galaxy R GT-I9103


I bought a Galaxy R – I9103 4 days back as a gift but I am thoroughly disappointed. From day one, whenever i make or receive any calls i am not able to hear the other person`s voice but they are able to hear me. Seems that if I plug in a headset or i turn on loud speaker the device works fine, but I have not been able to make/take a single call because of this. From what I can tell it seems as though the phone thinks a headset is plugged in all the time.

I have tried restarting, looking for updates (there werent any I could find) but the problem seems to persist. Are there any solutions for this problem? If not, I will try to return the phone. Please advise. – KS
PS : I have already sent an email to “” since I saw this email address quoted on a similar post made by another concerned person a few days back. I do not have any responses to that email address yet.

Galaxy R i9103 Deep Sleep Problem

I have bought galaxy R 3 weeks back. Problem is phone does not respond at all some times.(deep sleep) When I tried calling, i could here the ring from other phone but my phone does not respond at all. Removing battery and reinserting it fixes the issue. But this should not happen at all right?

I have noticed the phone automatically restarts sometime before it goes to deep sleep.

Galaxy R Issues and pathetic after sales service

My Galaxy R is just 15 days old. Started giving problems, sometimes it starts vibrating and it goes on until I pull out the battery. Second, I am using 3G, whenever I use it for downloading, internet stops working every 20-25 minutes, I have to reset data connection or restart the phone, then only it works again. Tried with MTNL & Airtel 3G both. When I use same SIM’s in data card there’s no issue for even once.

Took it to Samsung Care (do they even care?). They just re-installed the firmware, issue still persists as it was before. Hopeless.. This is my third Sammy and one after another issues with each phone. Before this I had Omnia HD (3G Issues, got refund), then Galaxy S2 (Display Issues, got DOA) and now Galaxy R?? What the hell is wrong with your phones? Used Desire HD for one long year, never had a single issue.

problem with Galaxy R GT-I9103

Hi i bought a Galaxy R – I9103 one month back.i works fine but i have one problem.if i listen to the music through 3.5mm audio jack and didn`t close the music player by selecting it and stop the music instead i just pressed the audio jack pause button and removed the jack after that if i make or receive any calls i am not able to hear the other person`s voice but they were able to hear me but if i turn on loud speaker i could hear the voice if turn it off i am not able to hear it.its not going away until i restart the there any solutions for this problem?

Galaxy R – soft reboots every 2 days

I recently (2 weeks back) bought a Samsung Galaxy R; however every 2 days it decides to soft reboot. Considering it’s a brand new launch of Samsung i’m not sure why such an issue has cropped up.

Is Samsung Galaxy R is discontinued from India

Hi, On last Saturday 14 Jan 2012 ,I went to buy Galaxy R, but all dealer are saying this phone is disconnected from Samsung. I love that mobile but it is not available in Mumbai market. I search entire Andheri, Borivali area plus went to 2 Samsung showroom they keep saying Galaxy R is discontinued by Samsung, no reason is provided. Is it because of some fault in device? are they saying truth or stocking for Galaxy R, If all is well about device then I want to buy it asap. Please provide more information about it.
Thanks & Regards, Paresh

Samsung Mobile India

Hi Paresh, We would like to inform you that galaxy R was launched with limited stocks and whatever quantity is available would be with retailers, please check with them for the same. However, alternatively you can check out galaxy S which offers great value with similar features: check the link –
Regards, Samsung Team

In case you want your life turned into hell, the Galaxy R is the product for you

I got myself a Samsung Galaxy R (I 9103) on the 20th of Jan this year and my life has been changed completely.
The Galaxy R, for Rs.22,000 is a great deal. Yes, in case you want your life turned into hell, the Galaxy R is the product for you.

Ever since I bought the cellphone, I’ve made over 20 visits to the service centre due to several reasons.
First of all, the operating system developed glitches and crashed when i tried to turn the wifi on. Had to go to the service point and wait for 3 long hours before the operating system was re-installed (and the so called “samsung experts” weren’t really doing anything, except sipping on their teas).

Next, I noticed that the screen was freezing,flickering and turning off without any apparent reason. The battery was overheating during voice calls lasting more than 5minutes. The softkey lights wouldn’t go out unless the screen was unlocked and locked a couple of times.
All these problems were evident from the day i purchased the handset.

I mailed the customer support team a couple of times but to no avail. All I received was a standard “Please contact the service point” reply.
And the people at the service point initially refused to admit that there was a defect in the handset,saying that there was some error with the memory card even though I did not use any sort of a memory card with the handset. Later, they said there was some problem with the motherboard and the display and both the components had been replaced. So basically, I purchased a Samsung body and a battery for 22000 bucks.

Even after the service, I’ve been suffering with most of the problems mentioned before.

A few days ago, I got to know that Samsung had withdrawn the aforementioned product. And now I’m left wondering if there’s something called social/ethical/moral responsibility of the people at Samsung or all they want to do is mint money through illegitimate means. I mean, selling poor R&D products,withdrawing them from the market and not even replacing the product ( if not compensating) is just too..pathetic! I wish these people at Samsung could really do something about these problems rather than sending those standard repetitive replies.

Samsung Support Team has been linking to the Sales page of Galaxy R but when you click on the Buy Now link it takes you to the homepage of Samsung India eStore and not to any product listings page. Also as per a few threads you can find that its not just hardware issues but also software issues which are linked to the Indian version of the Firmware installed onto this phone. The phone was pretty decent considering it had a great look, decent hardware and a great price of around Rs 19000 in the Indian Market, Samsung should have continued selling it instead of discontinuing the same because most of the customers who have bought this are now in a fix since the service centers are not ready to fix, replace or offer a refund.

The claims of launching this with a limited stock may be false because the phone is still available in other countries and pretty much sold by Samsung itself in US & UK, you can find the same here – Amazon US & Amazon UK. If you have already purchased this device, one suggestion would be trying out different ROM because most of the reports on different discussion forums say that the Indian Firmware was buggy which is why the phone was rebooting, heating up, applications were laggy etc.

We also hope that Samsung would take a serious note about this and either fix all these Galaxy R Phones which are having issues to ensure that their reputation is maintained if not just refund them money and take back these devices.

How many of you have bought this phone and are having issues? Comment below and let us know


  1. I bought this GT – i9103 phone in 2012. I have a shut down problem in my phone. After shutdown it cannot start or charge the phone. I have to remove the battery and fit it back for charging. Still I could not start the phone. Spending so much money for this shit phone. I pissed off with this phone. I called Samsung customer care but they asked me to contact the service center. Somebody please tell is your problem solved after servicing the phone. If not I am going to just break the phone into pieces and send to Samsung. Sum sung should atleast replace the phone or refund the money to keep up there reputation.This phone is a failure. How can Samsung sell a failure product for such a lot of money.

  2. I am facing different type of malfunctioning noted below since purchase the Samsung Galaxy-R on dec2011 and visited 3 times with dead mobile.Now I am using only with old cover,where every parts had been changed.I had many times requested to Samsung customer care for taking customer friendly action by replacing or compensate the device but they always ignored about their failure on defective device.It is long story to say about deception/careless/mis-guide/poor after sell service ……………………………….of Samsung like giant Electronics Company.
    Display dead permanent.
    Automatic booting.
    Incoming voice call stop after remove head phone for stop music listening.
    Display freeze at lock screen.
    Battery charging issue by hot cool indication.

  3. Hi I am using samsung galaxy R for almost one and half years. Initially the phone looked great.Some of the initial issues included headphone jack once inserted and taken out after hearing songs would make the phone deaf as incase of calls you cannot hear what the other person is saying but other person can hear you. Even the battery back up was not acceptable at times. Still the phone was running quite well with games and all appliucations. The disaster started after upgrading to ICS 4.0.4. The battery back up decreased drastically , phone getting stuck or rather hanged up at times , call disconnection happening after 10-15 seconds of pressing the disconnection button , phone getting heated up unnecessarily at times during calls and finally stuck up while playing simple games.
    I really feel bad for all my friends who have come up with more severe issues like this but firmly request Samsung to find any possible solution for this problems or else the brand image is going to lose in years to come.

  4. I bought this phone in Jan 2012., and only within 3 months of using this handset, it started giving problems of blackout, hang, shutdown and use to not even restart for a while after shutdown. Had shown the piece to service centre, it was formatted and the problem persisted , after revisitng the service centre, the mother board was replaced , its not been more than 3 months and i have already started facing problems like hanging of phone, shut down and automatic restart.

    After going through some reviews and opinions, i get to know that samsung has stopped the production of this phone and most of the users have faced problems with Galaxy R.

    The prime reason to write this is because i went to the service centre again but they would only repair this and give me and i do not want galaxy R , bcoz from what i find ..this handset has issues. Its hard to believe samsung handsets can be so erroneous.

    I need a permanat resolution to this and my handset replaced with another model altogether or refund me the money invested. Advise me the course of action.

  5. To fix the headset and voice issues… Before plugging the jack clear all active applications from the task manager and repeat the same thing before unplugging the jack.. I have been using this fone since 1 year and have faced no problem at all…

  6. Same issues. Hardware problem. Phone turns off by itself. Speaker problem. Had my cell reinstal OS for 3 times. Yet they have not come up with a permanent fix. I want my money refunded. Whom should we contact to? Thinkin to file a case against samsung in consumer court.

  7. I bought the Samsung Galaxy R on 3-12-2011. There were frequent hanging up of the device after attending the calls. However, the same resolved through rebooting the mobile. In one occasion the same attempt to reboot failed and the set is dead. Now I have taken it to the service centre and they are examining the issues. I am not sure whether it can be repaired as from the reading from the above posts.


  8. Martin Siron Kumar

    Hi, bought this mobile on Dec 2011. Got it replaced after a long fight with the Samsung team after a month. Then now display off. Restarting, over heating, mobile freezes, other side can’t hear my voice etc etc. got feed up with this mobile. Don’t know what to do. Can you advise me anything plz.

  9. really good, no problem

  10. Goodmorning, my samsung galaxy s2 GT9100 one day turned off and has yet to turn on, what might have caused this issue i checked the battery its not because i bought a new battery. what can i do to find out what happened to my phone and solved the issue .

  11. Hi,
    i have been using the galaxy r for about 8 months now. The speaker problems (cant receive calls after unplugging the headphones, dodgy charging problems (phone not charging while connected and showing the charging icon while unplugging it also etc.) , phone hanging problems and many more have been an everyday problem for me.
    When i bought this phone i personally was very excited and thought this was the best deal. Turns out it was the shittiest deal you could ever get from Samsung.
    One particular day my menu button and the touch sensors next to it started working on their own. pressing things randomly and making calls etc. so i switched off the phone and let it be. Next day it wouldnt start. when it did after about hours of toiling, it went into some weird mode asking to connect to USB and work. (tried every thing) But nothing worked.
    When i took the phone to the Samsung care guys, they said there’s water in the phone and claimed in one go it cant be done under warranty. When I asked them to check properly they said ” were sorry sir, we thought there is water, but its not there. Must be some other problem. We will try to fix it and give you in 4 – 5 days.* I was shocked at how they can just randomly say anything. I seriously want a refund for this piece of crap.
    I wonder if Samsung knows, but its their image they are killing with consumers taking pain to write such huge posts. Its only because its caused us trouble. I hope Samsung has a plan to do something about the customers who bought this phone. Because if they don’t, they’re not seeing another year of being on top in sales.

  12. I got Galaxy R few months back. It was a great phone until i found that once you plug in a headset for next hours we cant take calls without that.Opposite party can hear but not us. While this persisted, couple of weeks back the Menu and Return key stopped working. I had to restart umpteen times. I called customer support and they asked to do a backup and factory reset. I was plannin to do this week for back n meenu problem. Now the screen is flickering non-stop and i am unable to use the mobile at all..I am havign tough time navigating as it choses different icon than what i choose and dont ask about composing messages. Have been having a real tough time off late..Is this also a hardware issue? Any help or suggestions are welcome.

  13. this phone which ihave bought is having many issues many of them already articulated by the different users, in addition sometimes when anyone is calling me they get my phone switched off when it is not , then i have to reboot the phone to recieve any calls…..

  14. I am using this phone from past 5 months… I have ordered a phone online, got it in my hand a saw a dead pixel.. went to samsung service center… they said its just a dust.. so i avoided opening up my brand new phone.. and started avoiding same…

    then new problem came… sometimes when i used to turnoff the phone… i was facing a problem in turning it back on… as if power key stopped responding.. still i avoided this thing… as i was nt ready to face support centers…

    then sometime during calls person on otherside were not able to listen my voice.. and to solve this had to reboot the phone..

    all this was alright… one can live with it… but master of all the issues came just a day before… was using my phone and kept it aside for some work… phone went on standby… and never turned on back :( 

    gave it to service center… they said motherboard is dead… they ll request a new motherboard from company… i am sure this time problem will solve as it is under warrenty… but what after warrenty period is done?

    as i read few forums and blogs where it has mentioned clearly due to lots of glitches in its motherboard… samsung discontinued this phone… :(

    now my worry is what if motherboard is dead again right after 1 year??

    • Hey jigish, the same problem happened with my phone today , did u get ur pun back ? Is it working fine now ?

  15. I’ve been using the phone for about 4 months now and have had no problems so far. The battery backup seems good and the performance is really commendable. The camera not that great though. Hope I dont get problems like mentioned above. Even I believe the R was eating into the S2 sales.

  16. Yaa… I am using the same phone from Jan, 2012… It had several issues like force reboots, LCD display problem within the first month…..

    However, After 2 visits to Samsung service… My phone got Its whole Motherboard replaced, as well the Display unit….. 

    Now, It works ok… Hopefully wont bring more of such issues… I started using a custom kernell… And it works much better……

  17. I have using this phone since 9 months. Its really good. I never face any problem with this.

  18. Many thanks for bringing this article out. Though I use Samsung Galaxy SII, I really appreciate this article and your kind gesture in the interest of customers. Could you also publish a article following this where you could describe how people in India could install a stable firmware (maybe of another Nordic countries or something) and continue using their phones. I’ve myself been always a fan of this website and your articles with links to install firmware. I’ve upgraded my SII with the latest firmware with your help and I’m very happy. Thank you in advance!

  19. I am using this phone from the last 6 months and have faced no problems till date. The problems given above might be of some handful of customers.

  20. What ROM are you guys using?

  21. i’ve got it, there were few issues like blackout after the call with proximity sensor turned on and so, but these problems were software related only, cuz in the later updates the bugs were solved. that’s the only reason for me to believe that samsung discontinued it cuz it started killing the price of S2. especially cuz they were silent about it, if the real problems really existed, i think there would be no problem if they announced the discontinuation publicly. 

  22. i have been using the phone for the last 4 months. No issues at all.. 

  23. count me in..

  24. I have been using this phone since many months. No issues faces. But I dont use the Stock indian rom, i use custom  rom

  25. I bought Galaxy R in Feb 2012 inBangalore, till now I had no issues, working smoothly, but at the beginning the phone has a frequent reeboot problem, but later didnt faced this prob..

  26. i have this phone… i bought it in December 2011, but there is no problem with me… sometimes it tends to lag, but no major problem…

  27. And another thing, Samsung said that our device is going to get ICS, now it seems there is nothing of 
    that because we get the more information that we are deceived in this respect…

  28. im a senior technician which used to install roms for androids, notice that diff phone (same model r not)hv its own characteristic…the issue itself maybe the software problem…not compactible at all…consider an android phone as a “computer”…try out different roms is another alternative!