Samsung Denies Flexible Display in Galaxy S4? Will be in Galaxy S5 But Why…

While everyone is busy in spreading rumors about its latest flagship smartphone which is all set to be unveiled on March 14 2013, Samsung has come out and said openly now that for now it has no plans to come up with a Flexible Display for Galaxy S4 but in future it will for sure be thinking to materialize the devices with flexible displays. Also, sources close to Samsung made it clear that Samsung Galaxy S4 will be coming with the LTE Support which it had partially in Galaxy S3 for select countries. With patent issues almost solved with Apple, Samsung is all set to unveil a smartphone to compete with the Apple’s iPhone 5S which too is rumoured to release this August 2013 as per the fresh reports.

A man walks past a Samsung advertisement in Seoul, South Korea

Also, as per the vendors close to Samsung mention that the reason for not launching the flexible displays in Galaxy S4 is the Oxidation of OLED when contacted with oxygen. To address this, vendors say that there has to be strong encapsulation which is impossible with the plastic of any grade till date. So, till the time the encapsulation process is not thoroughly tested, it is not possible to come out with the OLED Screen phone.

Also, some of our close sources mention that Samsung too is working on to bring affordable smartphones and devices which it did try with its Galaxy Grand Offering which was around sub $400 device. The reason why there is enough room for low cost smartphones is because the average BOM cost of most of the devices like iPhone 5 or say the Samsung Galaxy S3 is not more than $200 – $275, so there is enough room for prices to come down. Vendors close to Samsung have confirmed the 2GB of RAM,

  • Quad Core processor,
  • 64GB of internal memory option,
  • LTE Support,
  • 5 inches of Screen Size,
  • Highest battery Life,
  • HD AMOLED Screen with 1920 x 1080 Resolution,
  • PPI of 400+.

We will keep you posted on all the latest on this front. For a detailed coverage about the specs and features of GalaxS4, you can refer to the link below where we have mentioned all the info about Galaxy S4;

Galaxy S4 Info


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