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Samsung Galaxy S III Launched – 4.8″ 720p Super AMOLED Display, 8MP Camera – Specs & Features

The Next Galaxy, i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S III is finally into the scene. Thousands, literally thousands of false news kept the readers busy on just dreaming about what would be possible specifications of the Galaxy S III, but the truth has come out. The Galaxy S III rocks, its truly superb and keeps everything else at bay today. And no, its not the #NextGalaxy but the Galaxy S III would be the official name of the phone.

Check how Samsung Transformed to the best every year, from the Samsung Galaxy S in 2010 to the S III this year.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Here are a few features that we have found out, as the event goes on live right now:

  • 4.8-inch 720p Super AMOLED Display
  • 8MP rear camera
  • 1.9MP front camera with “face recognition”
  • 2100mAh Battery
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS

S Voice for the Samsung Galaxy S III is what the Siri app for the iPhone 4S is. It recognizes your voice, listens to your command and acts the way you want it to.

Here are some of the best features of the Galaxy S III:

Smart Stay – The front camera of the phone recognizes whether you are actively looking at the phone screen and using it, and until that the screen is turned on. If the camera doesn’t detect your viewing, the screen would turn off automatically.

Samsung Galaxy S III smart stay

Direct call – This feature is helpful when you are trying to text message someone but in the end decide not to do that and call the same person. For making the call, you just need to lift the phone towards your face or ear and the call would be dialed automatically.

S Voice – We talked with a bit of over excitement here about this feature, and compared it with the Siri for iPhone but actually it isn’t. It listens to your commands, but a very few ones. Searching using the Google search, turning the camera on, calling someone, checking the weather etc. is what all is done listening to your commands.

Samsung Galaxy S III S Voice

S Beam – The Near Field Communication transfer is taken to the next level from the standard ICS based NFC that came earlier. The tapping and phone-to-phone transfer is possible in a faster and better way.

Burst Shot (Best Photo) – 20 captures in a super-fast mode, and all are displayed at once and out of them you may select the best shot and all the other are deleted. This is nothing new, as the HTC One X Camera already had a better way, capturing 99 pictures in the same burst mode.

Samsung Galaxy S III Best Photo

Wireless charging is what we have heard of, but aren’t sure how it works until we directly test it out.

May 29th is the date when the Samsung Galaxy S III would be actually available in the market in the West, and in the Eastern nations like India, the market would get it for sale in June.

We are still updating.

Samsung Galaxy S III official photos:

Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III white front  Galaxy S III white back

After the break: The previous news, rumors and talk about the Galaxy S III. Whatever has just been released, is updated above.

How many of you have already bought a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 mobile phone and are confused on should to upgrade to S2 or wait for something better? Here is a good news for all of you because Samsung’s mobile division president has hinted that the Galaxy S3 is soon going to be launched with some awesome configuration. In an age where Samsung has ruled the Android Market with its “Galaxy” Series signature after the hit and hot selling success of Galaxy S as well as Galaxy S2 phone, time has now come to speculate about the Samsung Galaxy S3 handset which is already in the making for making itself available in the year 2012.

First of all Samsung is trying to beat all the Apple Records in terms of sales and the Galaxy S2 has helped them in doing the best by bringing Samsung into Number #2 top mobiles selling company. If you are already having a pretty good mobile which you are not yet planning to sell away or upgrade then its suggested to wait for around a years time for the Galaxy S3 or the Galaxy 3D models. While the lawyers of both Samsung and Apple are busy in fighting it out for the supremacy in the technology space, the Engineering units of both are busy in creating an unforgettable and powerful smart phone with iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3

We have very less details on this handset as of now but Apple would of course get the first preview because of the ongoing legal battle between both the companies and we should expect some actual snaps of the phone by this year end. It is being speculated that the model number for the Samsung Galaxy s3 will be GT I9300.

Going with the specifications its expected to obviously be an upgrade of the Galaxy S2 with the Camera being 12Mp, quad-core processor, a super-bright AMOLED 3D screen with NFC, 4G Supported device etc. to name a few.  Especially when the HTC One X, Ascend P1 D and Meizu Mx Quad Core phones are out, it will be have to be atleast 1.5 Ghz quad core processor Samsung Exynos CPU. Also its expected that this would be the first phone which would feature the Ice Cream Sandwich. Also the screen size should be around 4.5″ which beats the LG Optimus 3D and also offer you with 4G connectivity support. Lets wait and watch how all this goes and when the phone would be actually be available to you and then you can decide if its worth upgrading your current phone or not. It is also said that this phone will be launched in the first half of FY’12. So, just in case if you have not purchased the last phone from the Samsung which is the Samsung Galaxy S2 then its probably just time to wait as you can buy an all new and probably the World’s best would be smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Undoubtedly, Samsung is betting very big on this handset as its in no mood to disclose things about this Samsung Galaxy S3 anything Officially. This smart phone is going to be the World’s slimmest smart phone ever which was disclosed by our close source from Samsung. Another most important feature which is speculated is that it will be having the lowest SAR value which is basically the radiation emitted by the phone. With rising health concerns around the Globe and people’s preference on talking on the phone more than meeting personally, its very important ensure that you have a smart phone which has the lowest SAR Level. With higher SAR levels, the phone tends to get heated up which can in turn damage the brain. Considering the fact that by 2012, the 4G will turn into reality and almost maximum countries will be witnessing the 4G, this support also looks possible. So, in all if you have a look at some of the core features or say USPs then these will be 12MP camera with probably CMOS Sensor with it.

The below picture was recently popped up on the web claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S III would be launched world wide in May 2012. Hope these rumors are true and we really get a chance to see this device.

Samsung Galaxy S III Android Phone

Highlight Features of Samsung Galaxy S3:

  • NFC (Near Field Communication) Chip,
  • 3rd generation Super AMOLED 3D Screen,
  • Ultra Low SAR Levels,
  • Blazing fast Speeds with Quad Core Processor,
  • Probable 4G Supported Phone,
  • Slimmest Smart Phone ever

Am sure after reading this whole article you might just still want to know on by when this phone will be launching, for which we just can say one thing, stay tuned to Androidadvices.com as we will be updating this article as in when we get any inputs from our sources at SAMSUNG etc. We still haven’t added any concept photos of Samsung Galaxy S3 as of now  in this article, but as soon as we get any we will surely update this article with the same.

Galaxy S III would be priced at Rs 43,180 as the MRP price on the box and to get discount in the form of assured gift worth Rs 1500. You can purchase this handset at Samsung India eStore online.

Here is our Hands-On Review of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Smart Phone :


  1. i have been trying to register for active the fringe in my galaxy s3 mini android phone

  2. Ipaye Simon Ayodele

    Dear Sir
    Kindly favor us with the price for Samsung Smart Phone model Ps 3 white, and also indicate your freight charge on your P/I , please note that we can only work on L/C Confirmed and Irrevocable letter of Credit this is as result of the past experience
    Looking forward to your response
    Best rgds

  3. Nice mobile i like & buy dis mobile.

  4. my samsungs s3 galaxys internal memeory shows as 11.5 gb what could be the reason

  5. Hello everyone, I just bought the Samsung Galaxy S3. Somehow the burst mode has disappeared. Does anyone know how to re-install this?

  6. I agree with Small boy Pd its is so nice to have Galaxy s3 it’s one of the awesome mobile with ultimate features.And My Deals 247.com was really helpful to me when i posted a request they immediately they got lowest price with best deal

  7. Only a few have been released and I was one of those lucky ones that found a place that sold them and it was worth the drive. I tried to bog it down by playing a movie on top of my scramble game and it was running like a champ. 2gb of ram is totally what makes this phone so efficient. I haven’t even scratched the surface of using all it’s functionalities. Operating this phone is like owning a new laptop in the palm of your hands. Best phone I ever owned so far, iphone5 has met some competition.

  8. I had the 4S and let me say.. I’ve never had an Android OS before.. this phone is a bit difficult to manage. Apps are slow (I have AT&T) opening, internet is slow opening as well and finding what you want (quick fix is using the google app), the phone feature sucks and doesn’t ever let me open the keypad and I try to be as fast as I can on it, and I don’t see the need for 5 different messaging programs, but okay.

    Out of the positive’s I’ve found, definitely a way better screen resolution and the screen size is amazing. I’ve only had this phone for 2 days but it’s not bad.. once you get used to it. I’m giving myself until the end of this week before I return it. A friend of mine said it’s possible it could be a defective phone. Battery life is amazing compared to the iPhone too. Camera isn’t too bad and the panorama style is pretty nifty. I haven’t had a problem with the S Voice understanding me yet, so no complaints there.. It’s taking some getting used to but not terrible yet.. ;) Of course the iPhone is a bit more user-friendly.. so going from the iOS to an Android is a bit.. difficult and I’m an IT major getting my Master’s in IS. It’s just hard when you’ve used the iPhone for 4+ years to go to something else but heard great things on the S2 so giving it a try ;)

  9. Which is better iPhone 4s or samsung s3 ??? I thinking of changing phone soon

  10. I just got off of the phone with T-Mobile Customer Service and I have
    been told the following about the availability of the Galaxy S III:

    Only the 16 GB phone will be available in stores (white and blue).
    Rumor has it that stores will be getting the 32 GB phones in 3 or 4

    Only the 32 GB phone will be available for web order (white and blue)
    and the customer must pay shipping ($25.00 for overnight shipping).

    The website will start taking orders at midnight Pacific Standard Time
    (2:00 AM Chicago Time). If the online order is placed before 2:30 PM
    PST on Thursday (and they still have phones left) the order will ship
    that day for delivery on Friday (if you have paid for overnight

    There is no statement of how many phones will be available on line and if they run out when the next shipment will be available.

    What models will be available from customer service at 1-800-TMOBILE is still to be determined.

    I think we should call and write customer support and tell then how
    stupid this is and how this defies all logic as far as customer
    satisfaction is concerned.

    Amazon.com has phones for Sprint available for pre-order. I could walk
    into an AT & T store and get the phone that I want Thursday morning
    without paying shipping.

    Is T-Mobile trying to drive their customer away?

    Please call (at the number above) and write to customer relations (at
    the address below) to complain about this absurdity. Customer relations
    doesn’t take phone calls and I can’t find an email address for them.

    T-Mobile Customer Relations

    P.O. Box 37380

    Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380.

  11. superb phone.. all is well but would need to keep paying for 9 months (EMI …) hahahaha

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