Samsung Galaxy S3 Unlocked Price in UK – Ships Internationally

Samsung Galaxy S3 tries to re catch its success where its predecessor left after being the device of the year 2011. It time for Samsung Galaxy S III to take the leadership of Samsung in Android smartphones line to the next level. So it’s official now that Samsung Galaxy S III has arrived and it features some of the best features starting with 4.8 inches Super AMOLED HD display, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, 8 mega pixel camera & front facing 1.9 mega pixel camera, 2100 mAh battery and check out reason why you should buy Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S III colors

Since Samsung Galaxy S III launch on May 3rd every one is expecting this device to come out pretty early and we are buzzed with one question when is it arriving in my country. For the eager users of the Samsung Galaxy S III, they can pre order it online so that they are the first to get this device. Samsung Galaxy S III is listed at various online retail stores like Amazon, eBay and BestBuy. Clove has already listed this device available for purchase at USD $741.79 (£458.33) base price and the users who go with pre order will receive first stock due May 30th. Samsung Galaxy S III is available in two variants of the Marble White and Pebble Blue.

Galaxy S3 Shopping Basket

Any users from United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Russia, Africa and almost all over the World can book this with pre order, while the base price stays the same but the shipping costs differ.

Samsung might release Galaxy S III starting from May last week starting with United Kingdom region first then arriving to Asia Pacific countries, Australia, Africa and then finally United States take June month. If you are not looking to purchase it via pre order or through any retail store online, then we advise you to check out the below chart and wait for the official launch.

Now the choice is yours and it’s the decision of your how you want to proceed. In India we feel that this devices is over priced by minimum of Rs 6,000 and we expected it to be priced just at the same price of HTC One X but it’s been sold at Rs 43,180 which is quite higher. Surely we got to have the price drop in India.

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