`` Galaxy Y S5360 - Steps to Install Official Global Gingerbread DDLA1 2.3.6 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 – Steps to Install Official Global Gingerbread DDLA1 2.3.6 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy Y LogoGlobal users of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Samsung Galaxy Y S5360can now update with the Official Gingerbread 2.3.6 update which was recently released by Samsung Electronics last week. Last time when we covered this firmware of official 2.3.6 which was dubbed as DDLA1, many users faced issues as most of the users could not update their devices, apologies for the same from us. In the due course of this article we have packed all the essential files which will be required in the zip file which we will be checking out in the due course of the article.

Disclaimer: Please note that we should not be held responsible in any manner in whole or in parts if any damage is done to your device caused by updating the firmware which is a very unlikely event if you follow the instructions as mentioned in the article including the pre requisites and the procedure to update the phone.

CAUTION: This update should not be applied to the phones which are NETWORK LOCKED DEVICES, if you still continue to update your phone then we cannot guarantee on the consequences.

Please note that you need to follow only follow the Essential Pre Requisites from the mentioned corresponding link and no other instructions should be followed from the mentioned link.

Now, assuming that you have followed all the instructions from the above mentioned link, it’s now time for you to proceed to next step where we will be checking out on how to update DDLA1 Official Gingerbread 2.3.6 update in your Samsung Galaxy Y.


  1. Hi
    I would be really thankful if you can mail me the same to my email id (josephsavivallikattil@gmail.com)
    The hotfile you link has provided with doesn’t work because hotfile is shut down.
    It would be okay if you can provide me another link
    Thanks alot

  2. please write link in the coment reply

  3. saalo kutto haram ke chudevo behan ke lodho aidha samjha h kya behan chodo ne mere phone ki maa chudvo di koi bhi frnds dont install and update tha latest version for android plz kyunki apka cell demage hone ki koi garuntee nhi h

  4. when i’m trying to download the firmware i got error message saying
    “This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.”
    please fix the link.

  5. Pradeep can dowload the file becuase its not there.
    “This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.”
    please share it asap.

    I need to fix my phone. Thanks! =D

  6. where is download link?

  7. Hi
    I am new to this forum, but hope I get a answer soon. I have a Samsung GT-S5360 which keeps switching off after a call is over & restarts all over again. When I checked the Kies software, it said there is an upgrade. Below are the details -



    But when I try to update, after downloading, I get an error message

    Failed to run firmware upgrade. Unknown error occurred.

    Please advise.

  8. “This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.”-This is the error message. I need the file too.

  9. pradeep i cant download the package..its already remove..

  10. link dead !

  11. the links are dead???????????
    please fix it very soon

  12. I cant download the package can u mail it to me please?!
    my Galaxy y didnt work :(

  13. hey pradeep, the PIT file isn’t available? Can you follow up on that please? Thank you so much!

  14. hw to download that file?????????????

  15. pradeep neela where is the file?can u please upload it again.,.,.?please cause i think it helps a lot to my samsung galaxy y s5360 thank.,.please reply to may message thank you

    • the file has been deleted by the developer, we will be coming up with the latest firmware for your Galaxy Y very soon within 24 hours!

  16. how to download it?

  17. hu friends please upload the files in links that are resume capable… please its urgent., my SGY has got bricked

  18. my phone cannot connect with kies plzz help…

  19. links are dead… :(

  20. now do samething!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. This is wayyy too bad you are not refreshing link please cant u see these many request //////////
    update link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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