Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Android Tablet Coming Soon – Specs & Details

It’s going to be a year of “Lite” from Samsung, as they plan to bring out the Lite versions of each of their best devices and that isn’t limited to just the smartphones, as the rumors about the Lite version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 start flowing around. This is quite more than just a rumor because Samsung recently shared their plans about the target they wanted to reach in selling the larger screen devices, and the target was a 100 million units for next year.

There is no official information about the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, but just like the Galaxy Note 3 Lite and the Galaxy Grand Lite, we have to rely on the sources for now and the biggest thing being said about it right now is that Samsung is going to debut this tablet for a price of around USD 100, and that should be an excellent deal, the product being from Samsung and not some Chinese manufacturer.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

The Tab 3 Lite is going to come in both Wi-Fi and 3G variants, and as per SamMobile, there are two color options – Cream White and Ebony Black. The cream white one will be the first to hit the market, from the second week of January 2014, and it would be the Wi-Fi variant coming first, followed by the 3G white one in the next week. The Ebony black option with both Wi-Fi and 3G variants would come a couple weeks later.

Nothing is clear about the actual specs, but we suppose this should be something like the Lite version of Galaxy Grand which is coming with a mixture of specs of the two Galaxy Grand gen devices, thus there could be specs from the Galaxy Tab 2 and Tab 3. The launch dates given too are just tentative and we might get to know about the actual stuff very soon, as the CES 2014 is nearing and it won’t be a surprise if Samsung announces them during the event.

How much are you expecting the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite to be priced at?

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