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Samsung HTC LG Asus Caught Manipulating Benchmark Scores & Cheating Consumers

In the mobile industry we could say everyone is cheating these days in terms of the benchmark scores which we find on all the flagship devices launched by well known manufacturers. Earlier a few weeks back Samsung was caught in this issue with AnandTech had covered a story on Samsung rigging the benchmark scores of the Galaxy S4, to top the charts and it did go viral and Samsung had officially responded to this issue.

As a follow up, the same team did more research on the Smart Phones from different manufacturers and found that, its not just Samsung but almost everyone is cheating. The information would be quite confusing to most of the readers but in short we can tell you that if you buy a Smart Phone based on the benchmark scores then you are wasting your money. Check out the user experience, try out the device and run the application which you would use on a day to day basis and then select the Phone which meets your demands.

Android Benchmark Cheaters

The above table is a part of the research by Anand Tech, where they went into a detail check of most recently launched Smart Phones and found that almost everyone was tweaking their devices to perform better when the benchmark tests were being run but would not run the same way in general usage. Surprisingly the Galaxy S4 had a higher score by 20% when compared to the same device under the Play Edition which is confusing because generally the TouchWiz ones are considered to be slow and laggy, but after these reports its clear that these devices only show higher scores but do not promise better performance.

As a follow up we found that Antutu is one of the apps which is targeted by almost everyone and hence we started testing the devices with different applications like Geeks Bench & 3D Mark which does a Unlimited Ice Storm test, expected to test the device thoroughly. Check out the LG G2’s Benchmark Video below to get an idea about these applications.

The good thing here to make a note is that both the smart phones from Motorola ie Razr I & Moto X have come clean in this case along with the LG Nexus 4 & Nexus 7 which is something interesting. Let us know below with your thoughts regarding this case and what do you think about all the companies ie LG, Samsung, HTC & Asus.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. hpusch

    January 16, 2014 at 1:38 am

    Obviously everybody is cheating – we all know that from sports – once in the upper league, few are clean and not all that are coming out clean are actually clean…. and anyways: all devices I know of have usage-performance problems after a few month latest – whatever you do.
    From my point of view it would be more interesting and effective to search for proof of those kill-the-device-performance timers/triggers build into software and hardware… have not heard of anybody working on that. The smartest of those is obviously Windows Registry, that is not even hidden and convinced consumers that this would be a conceptional problem and not intentionally…. but there is much more to be found in this league then just Microsoft.

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