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Scan QR Code & Make Easy Payments with Chrome Android payment

Google extensionsYou are very well aware of very famous Google Docs but have you ever heard of Google’s Android payment extension? Yes, it’s here to create ripples in the online payment extension services. Just take an instance wherein you are in middle of an exhibition or in a market and wants to take credit cards. Rather than going for cash payment, you can go with an all new Android Payment Extension which is used for Google check out gadget store for your laptop which allows customers to check out for purchasing their phones.

The new set of such extension from Google helps merchants to set up a store and accept the payment via Google Checkout and android by just following a simple set of procedure which is listed below:


1. First, all you need to do is to create an Google Checkout merchant account and configure your tax compensation plan which is located on the on the Settings Tab. The pictorial representation is also shown below,

Google checkout registration

2. You can use the Google Checkout Store Gadget Wizard for generating a cool web store template as shown below.

google check out store

3. Now, it’s time to fill in the Google Spreadsheet which is all about information about the items which you wish to sell on this platform.

4. As soon as you finish with giving the information, create a Google Sites page and follow the wizard to embed the Store Gadget which is shown below,

google sites

5. Now, after creating Google site’s page it’s time to  Install the Android Payment Chrome Extension and you are done with the procedure.

Google Android payment

Now, after setting up all the above mentioned things and now if customer selects the items to buy, you can create a cart with those items on your laptop, then click on green checkout and lets customer scan the QR code which is displayed on the phone. The QR code then directs the customer to the buy page where users can finish their transaction.

Please note that this extension is exclusively for Google Chrome browser and does not support any other browser. So by following the above procedure, you have successfully set up things.

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