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How to Search For Particular Text Message Within on Android Phone

SMS is the best way to get notified or keep a track of your internet balance. Daily everyone receives a lot of SMS on my phone from friends; Internet Banking related, subscription messages, confirmation message and lot many others. Over the period of time, messages have become a common point for password reset or notification changes. This way you receive a lot of SMS and the size of your SMS grows day by day. Many customers are just happy to stay connected with SMS chat. Earlier we have seen a tip on how to delete old SMS & set storage limit. Today we go through a different tip which is altogether its pretty easy and handy in quick time but at the same time we have never used it or forget it very easily.

Did it ever happen to you that you are searching for particular details which you have received via SMS? Or are you finding it difficult to look for a particular message out of those hundreds SMS stored in your inbox? Here is how you can search for a particular message that you are looking for. The requirement is you should know a word or phrase to search. Like I am looking for a particular Airtel Digital message which was received yesterday, then you should type maybe your Airtel digital account number or product ID to get the best filter.

Search for Particular Text Message

Searching for a particular text message in the traditional way can consume time on Android as the new conversation come up always first. So if you have hundreds and thousands.

From your home screen launch the Message function.Search by SMS home

Now from the Messaging, you need to tap on Menu to get other options. Now tap on Search.Search SMS

Now on the top of the search bar, type in the text for which you are looking for. This will automatically display the matching results. And among the result go through the desired one.Search by SMS

Here in the example I have searched for messages of Beam Telecom. In the similar way you can search for text messages for any keyword that you know!

Update: Here’s a Tip we found recently. If you could not find some text messages, you may probably have deleted them. In this case you may use the Dr.Fone android data recovery program to recover the deleted messages, and any other lost files directly from the android phones.



  1. nagarathinam

    March 8, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    how can i code for this function ,search particular message using key words..

  2. gron

    November 6, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    This is for TouchWiz, not vanilla Android.

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