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How to Send Business Name Card on Android Mobile

Question : Please help me with a tutorial on how a business card can be forward to other mobile from Android. ~Sandeep

Answer : This is a very simple task when you are using a Android based Smart Phone because everything comes pre-installed and you just need to find the right options. To get started you need to tap on the Contacts Icon and proceed with the selection of the contact whose details you would like to share with someone.

Phone Contact Details Send NameCard Via Android

Once you are in the individual’s contact page you need to tap on the Settings option followed by tapping on the ‘Send Name Card’ option. Following this you will get a screen which would say ‘Complete action using’ – Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, Messaging out of which you need to decide the option through which the business card would be sent.

Contact Sharing Options Contact Open Options Contact File Editor

The details would be sent in .vcf format which is the short-name for vCard the file format standard set for the business cards sent electronically. These cards contain information like address, name, contact numbers, email address, website URL, logo, photos, audio clips etc listed as different properties.

The recipient would receive the file which they can download and open either in ‘Contacts’ or ‘File Editor’ to find the details stored in that specific name card.

Tutorial :


  1. Try bizCard manager available on Google Play. It is able to send and receive business cards via sms and it is compatible with nokia standard.

  2. Help I am unable to send namecards cause it gets stuck on sending and it is never sent.
    Also can someone tell me how to reset the way you send namecards cause i chose sms and now I want to try bluetooth

  3. HI, In SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 I am still strugglingand finding it difficult to send name- business card thru messaging….You could atleast send one phone number by long pressing the name of the contact whose no.you wish to send – Click on the \SEND LOG INFO\. It wud reflect directly to the messaging board as an sms…You can then type the recepient and SEND……It will solve the issue of atleast sending the phone no….Hope that helps..Cheers

  4. Thank you so much @Anand!
    been cracking my head trying to figure this out hahaha. It would be a laughable irony if a “smart”phone couldn’t perform such a simple task. Before this,I have to go to the contact and copy the number to clipboard and so forth.

  5. Thanks very much thats a good solution

  6. The easiest way I have found out is to
    1. Long Press on the contact name (do not let it open)
    2. A pop up opens wirh – “Edit, Delete, ..Send Contact Information”
    3. Click Send Contact Information
    4. Choose the numbers to send
    5. Ok
    6. Enter the receiptients ph number
    7. Send

    This would send an SMS to the receipient with teh contact details. He could then use the numbers to save in his directory. Being an SMS, its is irrelevant of the model of phone or type of OS. Tried it and serves the purpose :-)

  7. Handcent SMS sending V card sms is possible. However, receiving the same is still not possible even after downloading again.

  8. Oops. Sorry. Handcent SMS

  9. Sorry. It should read as “Hanscent SMS”

  10. There is one software “Handsent SMS”. Through this you can receive the V-card but you are still unable to send it. Any suggestions?

  11. I tried to send v card via Messaging and sent as SMS. the receiver received the same as MMS and the card could not open on his device. I tried sending the same to NOKIA,SAMSUNG,etc. but the results are same. I also do not receive any SMS if the SMS has V card attached to it? Help me in solving this problem.

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