How to Send Pictures from Android Photo Gallery via Gmail

Mobile phones have become smarter. The photos or the video that you take on to your Android mobile phone using camera can be easily shared, emailed or make it available to public easily within few clicks. Here in this guide we go through on how send the pictures from your Android mobile phone or the tablet via Gmail.

  • Go to Gallery app from your Android mobile phone.Gallery Menu Option
  • Once you are onto the Gallery which contains all the photos, video and pictures that you have, you need to browse to the folder which contains the photos you wish to send.Gallery
  • Now tap on the photos among the various photos to bring that particular photo in the front.Android Gallery
  • Once you open that picture, you have various options on the top which are “Set as”, “Share” & “Delete”.Photo via Gmail
  • Since you are sharing the photo via email you need to click on the “Share” option.Share photos via
  • Once you have clicked that it will ask for option to share your picture via the listed media. The sharing options available are via Bluetooth, Facebook, Gmail, eBook, Messaging, Picasa, Twitter and email.Photo email
  • Click on Gmail and this will open the Gmail message body with from address automatically added as you have connected your Google Account with your phone. You just have to mention the receivers email, subject and description and once you are done click on Send from the Menu option.
  • Photo email SendWith sending one picture, you can attach others photos in the same email to send more photos. You can add CC or BCC too when you are in the composer mode.

So be it any Android mobile phone like Galaxy S II, Galaxy Ace or Motorola Droid, this procedure applies to all the phones which are based on the Android mobile operating system powered by Google.

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