Send WhatsApp Voice Mail from Android Phone when Call is not Answered [App Review]

Good news comes out for all the Android users, a new version of the WhatsApp has come out called as the WhatsApp Voice-Mail for Android users. This app has been developed by Twiize which is a Tel-Aviv based technology that released TalkSide, a context aware call screen replacement application, few months ago.

This WhatsApp Voice-Mail app lets the users to record a message and send it as a text message or a voice message to the WhatsApp Voice-Mail app when the person they are calling is not answering the phone call. This app also opens automatically when its user fails to make a phone call. This app has Speech to text feature that will convert the text in to speech using the speech to text engine and sends the text to WhatsApp. The user has the option of going directly to the account of the person they have tried calling in WhatApp and can send text message as an SMS instead of sending it on WhatsApp.


However the speech to text translations quality and availability will depend on the system and language as some devices speech to text translation and dictation quality will be low and in that that case the user can use voice recorder messages or link directly to the WhatsApp account.

Features of WhatsApp Voice-Mail application

  • Speech-to-text can help the user to dictate a message and send it to WhatsApp
  • With Voice recording send a voice message to WhatsApp
  • Direct link to WhatsApp lets the user go directly to the chat history of the person they have called.
  • Offline mode lets the user to record or dictate a message
  • Assisted speech-to-text correction will suggest the users the alternative words

The free version of this app will come with ads and will also limit the number of messages the users can send in a week. The unlimited version of this app can be purchased via in-app that will be having additional feature. The users should note that this app is not affiliated or endorsed with WhatsApp Inc and the free version of it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store directly. So are you going to download this app? Will it be helpful to you? Stay tuned for more information.

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1 Comment

  1. keerthi

    February 8, 2014 at 7:26 pm

    Nice trick using whatsapp thank you!!

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