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Set Google Now Backgrounds as Wallpapers for your Android – Guide

Have been looking for setting the most sensational yet Official screens of Google NOW as wallpapers for your Android smartphone? Then we have something for you which you will for sure Love it, in the due course of this article we will be checking out on how you can set various welcome screens of Google Now across various Cities / Countries as your wallpapers without any hassles. If you are worried about the resolutions for different screens, then this too is addressed with the help of two separate options of HD as well as Standard Definition (SD) options. Google Now will soon be adding many more countries and once they do so, the app developer of this app will also include many more wallpapers to the collection.

GoogleNOW_4 GoogleNOW_1 GoogleNOW_2 GoogleNOW_3

There are many options which are San Francisco, Austin, New York, Seattle, etc. which can be set as the wallpapers in your device from Google Now. The only bad part of this app is that this is still not 100% stable and you may face issues like force close etc. For your convenience, we have mentioned the Highlights of this app below;

  • 11 wallpaper included in 4 versions (dawn, day, dusk, night),
  • Wallpaper Resolution of 2560 x 1098 Pixels,
  • Configurable Time Period of Wallpaper Change,
  • Runs at Device Start up,
  • No Battery Drain,
  • Google Now Card UI Included

To download this app, you have two options to choose from which are SD as well as HD option. We have also mentioned some of the screenshots which will help you decide on to whether install this app or not. Personally, this app comes with brilliant wallpapers with nice colors which give a very soothing experience.

Standard Definition App | High Definition App

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