Set Silent Mode on Phone during Night Time with Silent Sleep App

Many people like to keep their handsets switched OFF during their night time because they don’t want to get their sleep disturbed or interrupted by any calls or SMS. Android users should be happy that Silent Sleep is the Android application which will allows them automatically change their phone into silent mode and come back to normal mode without looking further into your phone settings.

Silent Sleep is an Android application which will automatically tune your phone accordingly in the set start time and end time. For those users who love to keep their phone in silent mode or switched OFF in the night, for them this application is the right for them. This application works in simple ways by setting start and end time and it will mute, unmute accordingly to your settings daily. Users can make use of this application on their needs in office as well where then don’t want to get disturbed for unwanted SMS or emails atleast in office hours.

As soon as you install this application and open it on your phone, you will be presented with Set time and mode for your night sleep. This is absolutely direct to point stuff and it interesting settings as well. You need to select the Start Time, set End time of your night sleep. You can select on what days of week this silent sleep should be applied to your phone automatically.

Silent Sleep

So in the start and end time frame your phone would be turned automatically silent depending on the days that you have selected.Start Time, End time

There is the option of silent mode selection into totally silent or vibrate only mode.

Silent Mode

In the general settings tab at the bottom you will find option to enable silent mode and disable option too along with option to choose from time format of 12 hours of 24 hours.Days selection

If you want to spot whether your phone is in silent mode or not, you just check it out normally with the silent mode turned on logo at the top notification bar.

Please make sure that your alarm is not effected with Silent Mode, to do that you need to open Alarm Clock application. You need to visit Alarm Clock > Settings > Alarm in Silent mode.

Silent Sleep Download

You can easily download Silent Sleep Android application on your mobile phone from Android Apps Labs. To download it directly on your mobile phone, you need to visit the Android Apps Labs page of Silent Sleep and then click on Install button to proceed with installation of the application.

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