How to Setup your New Google Android Phone

Congratulations on your New Android based SmartPhone. You are now a part of those million consumers who are already enjoying the features offered by the Google OS on the mobile platform. Now lets get started on the setup of your new phone along with the best tips we would be suggesting you.

Android Phone Setup

Step 1 – Insert SIM or Setup Wi-Fi :
The first step you need to perform is inserting your GSM SIM Card onto your device and making sure that the Network Tower Signals are displayed. If you do not want to insert your SIM before working around the contacts transfer then its suggested to setup Wi-Fi access because we need a Internet Connection to sync with online services. To setup Wi-Fi, You need to Press the ‘Home’ button, followed by pressing the ‘Menu’ button followed by Settings. Next you will have to Tap on the Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings. Tap on the Wi-Fi option to turn it ON. The phone will start searching for different wireless networks in its range and display a list of the same. Select the best one and enter the logins to get Internet access on your Phone.

Android Phone Wi-Fi Settings

Step 2 – Sync Google Account :
The second step is to Sync your device with your Google Account. You need a verified and working Google account using which you can synchronize the data on your device with the cloud. Hence you need to either use the current account or create a new one.

Android Add Google Account

To get started Tap on the ‘Settings’ > ‘Accounts and sync’ . Here you will find a option at the end called ‘Add account’. You need on tap on this option following which you will get a list of different services you can sync with like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync & Google.

Android Signin Google Account

Enter the correct ID & Password following which the main services like Email, Backup Contacts, Calendar etc would be automatically synced. Once the Sync is completed you will be shown with a confirmation following which you can find a syncing icon on the top of your phone whenever data is being backed up.

Step 3 – Understanding Home Screen :
The next step is to understand the Home screen of your device. It might look quite complicate in the first view but its actually not really hard to understand all the options listed. The below Image can be helpful to you in understanding the different Icons, Options and other sections.
Android Phone Home Screen

That’s it now you are ready to start using your Phone. You can also read our articles on How to Transfer Phone Contacts from Nokia to Android & Import Gmail, Facebook & Twitter Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S.

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