How to Setup Internet Tethering on Android Mobiles

Android PINK LogoIf you have thought to make use of your phone’s GPRS connection to the most then we will see in this due course of the article on how one can easily tether the Internet connection of your phone with the computer or laptop so that you can make the most out of your GPRS connectivity or data plan.

Note : Please note that we should not be held responsible if your Service provider charges extra for the practice which we will see in the form of the procedure which is mentioned below as this may or may not be allowed by your operator, the best way to find out is to call the Customer care of your respective operator to find out whether the tethering is allowed or not.
So, let’s check out the exact procedure on how exactly you can do the same in the form of simple to understand instructions which are mentioned below.
Procedure to Setup Internet Tethering on Android Phones:

  • First up from your Android phone, you will have to go to Android Market Place and find the application called the “Android Proxy”. After finding the applications, all you need to do is to just download and install the same on your Android Phone.
  • Before you install this application, please note that it will give you a notifying message asking you to enable the “Unknown sources” option, after you enable the same you will be able to download and install the same. It can also be enabled by going to the path that us Menu > Settings > Applications > Development
  • After this, turn ON the USB Debugging which you can do by going into the Settings options in the Applications of your Android phone.
  • Before we proceed to further steps you will have to ensure that all the drivers are currently installed on your computer or laptop which are required to provide a sync between the device and the computer or the laptop so that the required tethering is being established between the two.
  • If you are on Windows or on Linux then you need to download and install these drivers and also you will have to get on the ADB utility tools in your computer.
  • Though this will be time consuming for the first time, it has more benefits in the coming days to come as it configures whole open source algorithm on your computer making it easier for you to customize the phone.
  • Now, just with the help of the USB cable, just connect your phone with the computer and choose the Proxy Applications from your phone’s menu after which all you need to do is to “Start Proxy” button tab on your phone after that you need to move to the directory that has the adb utility, using inside the Sdk Tools folder and run the below mentioned commands for the corresponding operating system versions,

On Windows: adb forward tcp:8080 localabstract:Proxy
On Linux/Mac: ./adb forward tcp:8080 localabstract:Proxy

  • Next up after that you will have to also ensure that the proxy server running on port 8080 of your own computer that will relay the information over the Android Debug Bridge to the Proxy App which will then push the same on to the Internet so that the Internet is being tethered successfully.
  • Now, after configuring the above set of commands, you will have to set your firefox proxy which can be done from the path which is, Options > Advanced > Network > Manual Proxy Configuration

HTTP Proxy: localhost
Port: 8080

So, now once you are done with the configuration part, you can now proceed to enjoy the tethered internet connection on your computer or the laptop.



  1. peloguer

    July 27, 2011 at 3:02 am

    It works with Samsung galaxy GT-s5830? Is needed to root the system? tks

  2. Tilo

    July 3, 2011 at 8:34 am

    What is the difference between this tethering and the tethering option in android? Will this overcome the tethering problems in android 2.3.4 on the galaxy S

    • Neal Pradeep

      July 3, 2011 at 9:17 am

      tethering option allows you to share your Phone’s Internet connectivity with computer or laptop!

    • Rex

      July 3, 2011 at 11:05 pm

      The tethering option on your android directs you to verizon and you get to pay for it. This option and PdaNet bypass verizon and it doesn’t cost

  3. Rex

    July 3, 2011 at 5:38 am

    While this is all well and good, PDANet, which can be found online, can be installed on your laptop/desktop and on your Android or other device, works great without having to do anything else but to install, turn on USB debugging and you’re set.

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