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Share Car Ride when Attending Same Events with KOPA

kopa users locations on mapWhen you are attending any events in cities and places that you have visited less frequently, and you have no source of travel except the cabs and shuttle services there, it would cost you more than what you would have been spending normally. Kopa is one such service recently launched, which connects people who are going to any conferences or events, and the main advantage of this being the sharing of the paid cab service, thus it helps not just in cutting the costs, but also in meeting and networking with people who have a similar interest, attending the same events.

When you are attending an event that is listed on the Kopa app in the events list, you can check out the various other users around the location from where you would be moving to the location of the event. It is not just about the shuttle services, but if you were taking your own vehicle, you could cut the cost of the fuel.

The app is available on the Android market, and it is free to download. The app is pretty easy to use, and you just need to enter a very few details like the Name, Email address, Twitter username and a small bio of yours. Once you are done with it, you would receive a confirmation mail, and once you confirm it you can start using the app.

kopa app page kopa register

Once you enter the name and bio, you would be asked to enter the place where you stay, and let the app know whether you want to drive or just give company to others who are already driving. And once you are done with that, you would be sent a validation mail.

kopa enter stay details  kopa registration verification

Once you confirm the mail, you would be able to go to the list of events that are being held. The latest upcoming event that we could see is the DroidCon India event, checking which you would see a map with all the areas and list of attendees who are either driving or hitching.

kopa list of event kopa about droidcon event

You can even choose to contact any attendee specifically if they are on the same place or direction from where you are moving to the event place. The map makes the searching and contacting a lot easier for people.

You can download the Kopa app from the Android Market here.

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