Shifting from iPhone to Android – Things to keep in mind

Apple Android logoInteresting! will be the reaction if someone takes decision on moving from an Apple’s iPhone to the latest talk of the town, Android. Though there are lots of things which you need to know before taking decision on moving to Android. So, let’s check out what are those parameters and will also check out whether it’s really worth moving to Android or not?

If you are moving from an older version of iPhone that is 2G, 3G, or 3GS versions to the Android, then you will surely experience better speed and applications with an improved speed and an all new User Interface (UI). Also, most importantly almost every smart Android device sports 1GHz of processor as compared to 1GHz processor on iPhone 4GS. Also, most importantly it is preferable to select a smart phone which runs either Froyo or preferably Gingerbread. You can also choose from a range of processor options as the new phones have started to launch which have even 800 MHz of RAM.

If we talk of benefits, then the biggest and foremost advantage is that all Android phones are powered by Google which allows you to integrate Gmail with your phone just like a simple messaging inbox. Also, with the help of many forums you can install any firmware even before it gets released officially for your device, all thanks to forums which develops the firm wares even before the official company version is rolled out. Since  the Android operating system is an Open source, you can modify your device as per your needs and requirements unlike the iPhone which has many limitations in customization. Just like Apple’s App store you have got Android Market Place in Android.

With Android devices, you can enjoy a whole new level of excitement as with more customization you can have more personal and more productive phone. With the notification bar on the screen you can keep a track on all of your incoming emails, text messages, and app notifications as it houses convenient connectivity icons, the time and date and best of all, is available everywhere. With Gmail as integration, you can easily sync all your data with Google’s Gmail, facebook, You tube and other Google applications and other third party applications effortlessly.

While Apple phones have to be Jail breaked to set them free from network, Android device has to be rooted to set these free from locked network. Basically, with the help of rooting you can enjoy whole new applications and also you get a special access to all hidden things on your Android device. Since it’s an Open source, Google is ok with the Rooting unlike Apple voids the warranty if found any jail breaked device. With Android, you can also install applications from third party unlike in Apple most of the times you cannot. In Android, you have a full range of handsets out of which the latest handsets are Motorola Defy, Samsung Galaxy Nexus S etc.

So, all in all if you are the one who believes in customization and open source then Google’s Android is for you and if you are the one who really can’t find an alternate to Apple’s UI and touch experience with a blend of largest App store then Apple’s iPhone is for you.

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